June 19, 2006

More Dog/Space Filler Information

Above is a picture of a Caucasion Mountain Dog. Our new back door neighbors have this breed. Their dog is 250+#, 7 years old and scary! I have to keep reminding Abby that she is snack sized for this dog :) We talked with the owner last night, apparently, he is friendly with other dogs - it's people he takes exception to. I'm slightly disturbed about this dog being in our neighborhood, where people still let their kids and dogs run free on occassion. The owner said often when his dog sees something it wants, he has to look for a stop sign or tree to wrap the leash around in order to stop the dog. See why I'm frightened?

Okay, so tonight is the second episode of The Closer. Last week was very good. I also got sucked into watching Saved. Tonight I plan on watching downstairs, I have to start ironing the fabric for the curtains. I also need to do a clean up on the computer and try to load some photos. I'm sure anyone still reading is as bored as I am with the lack of sewing content.

Happy sewing :)

1 comment :

  1. i was entertained! Oh course, i do not sew though, so......
    ~Jess B


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