June 25, 2006

Minor Curtain Update

Sunday, the dogs woke me early. 7:30 after being up until 1 visiting with JB late poker buddies. The ones I like :) Anyway. I was kinda sad and feeling down. Youngest daughter left yesterday to take a cruise, she was sad to be going, which made me sad. She called at 5:45 a.m. to tell about her first flight - which was rough, but I missed the call. Around noon, JB and I ate breakfast by the pond. After cleaning up, we bathed the big dogs in the front yard and then took them for a long walk. The dog store was out of sunglasses for dogs! Boy was it hot. We are all feeling the effects of a long walk in the heat today. I took a little nap, then started ironing the curtain fabric. I have 5 of the 6 pieces for the bay window ripped to length. Now, I need to start ironing again. 7 more pieces to rip to length, then onto the lining. Someday this will be done and I'll be sick of the curtains already :) Hope everyone had a great sewing weekend.

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