June 16, 2006

I haven't got much left

After having been extremely stressed out at work all week. Today I had to have a fasting blood test. The doctor wanted a 3 hour post glucose draw - that meant drinking the nasty sugar water - they haven't managed to make it taste any better since I had my last child (The Princess) 20 years ago!!! There was a problem on my lab papers, so I ended waiting to start for an hour while I tried to get ahold of the good doctor. Suffice it to say I spent the entire day in the hospital getting poked with needles! I have the beginning on a killer migraine. JB is home from work now, and he wants to walk the dogs and go out to dinner - I'd be happy to stay home and go to bed :) But dog walking and dinner it will be. I'm off to take excederin migrain!

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  1. I definitely remember this test! Boy did I hate it. And why did my OB always administer it towards the end of my pregnancy when I needed to eat like every 20 minutes! My sympathies are definitely with you and I hope you are feeling better.


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