June 21, 2006

I Don't Know Why

Tuesday morning at home I tried to download the photos from the digital camera. This morning I tried again. Success! There are some pictures of the dogs - but I also got crafting content. While nothing much has been going on in the sewing room - don't really know how I'm going to turn 88 yards of fabric and 26 yards of header tape into curtains for 3 windows by Saturday and work all week, so I've been avoiding it. I haven't even ironed the fabric yet!!! How lame is that. To top it off, I'm now sick. What started out as allergy symptoms has turning into a honking sore throat - it hurts to swallow and talk. Well, as soon as someone competent enough to answer the phone gets into the office today I'm going home. I'm just killing time waiting for them to show up anyway. This is the pink sweater that I have been working on. I am happy to report that it is now finished. I have tried it on and it fits! Oh happy day. After having lost so much weight I often have body image issues and make things that are way too big. Especially knits. Hopefully this will pass. Just need to steam this sweater and then it can wait patiently until Fall to be seen in public. This little beauty is a summer sweater. What you are looking at here is the beginning of the back. I had originally bought Debbie Bliss Silk Alpaca in a bright Lime Green to knit this puppy up, the resulting K2P2 rib was just too soft. Lime green is awaiting a more suitable pattern and JB and I took a trip to the local yarn store where we picked up this Tahki Cotton Classic. Was a dream to knit. Last night while sitting on the couch, trying not to wine too much because my throat hurt, I finished the neckband edging. Now, to stitch the side seams and steam this little guy. I think I have some cute fabric to make a skirt to wear with it. Anything to put off making curtains.

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