June 24, 2006

Feeling Overwhelmed

Somehow I managed to spout my mouth off and tell JB that the curtains would be made by tonight. I can honestly say that the fabric still looks like this: (imagine seeing three large pieces of fabric folded - not sewn into curtains). As an aside - I finally figured out how to the pictures out of the digital camera, but for some reason I cannot load them to blogger or yahoo or any other website from my home computer. I end up emailing them to myself at work and adding pictures there! Lame. Time to get the computer fixed. I did however make the executive decision about hardware last night and determine how much length the rings I wanted to use would lower the overall curtains. Also currently on the sewing table: several great pieces of fabric that crying out to a summer work wardrobe. I know myself well enough to know that if I skip over the curtains it will be months before they are done and that isn't a good use of funds :) So, curtains it is - tomorrow :) Had a doctor's appointment this morning to get the results of the blood test from h#ll, only to find out that he didn't have the results. It would appear that the lab messed up. They did send the insulin levels which are fine - but nothing else. What a waste of prime sewing time this morning. Meanwhile, I still continue to suffer with 'dizzyhead.' Don't know what's causing it or how to treat it. Should I eat more? Maybe more often? Differently? Hard to tell since we don't know what anything is doing. Oh, and to top it all off - I'm sick and have been since Tuesday. I feel like poop! Hasn't been a good week. Tomorrow somebody promised to take Lucy for a long walk to the local pet store to purchase doggy goggles so she can ride in the convertible. I promise pictures of that!!!!

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