September 20, 2018

Full Legged Pants

Last year, we had a very lovely guest from England who looked so put together    What was she wearing?  Beautiful floral wide legged pants and a slim tee.  Sometimes with a scarf thrown around her neck, but often not.  
Clearly, I could skip the ice cream
I have lusted after that outfit.  I mean - seriously lusted.  I want to look that sleek, polished and put together.  This outfit is not quite it - but it's getting there.  After seeing KS Sews make McCalls 7757, I knew I wanted them.  So, the pattern number was added to my list of  "Must Buy" patterns and picked up at the next sale.

They were sewn up in a rayon that I had received from Carolyn in a give away she had years ago.  Way before it would have been fishy for me to win ;)  I paired them with an ogden cami (but we aren't talking about that now). 

By the time I made necessary adjustments - added at the center front and center back waist and added at the hip - the hemline was over 36" around!!  Each leg!  I can see wrinkles in this photo from my hip to the inside of my knee - but I have no idea what that's trying to tell me.  Also, with the hem this big, it was hard to walk.  My shoe would get caught in the hem - not good.  

While they are very comfortable, this wasn't the sleek, chic look I was going for.  I have since altered the pattern to be a little less full at the waistline, a little lower in the back, and a little less full (okay, a lot) at the hemline, but still giving the allusion of falling straight from the hip.  

here you can see just how big the hem is

I don't think the ogden is doing me any favors in the silhouette department.  Since taking these in, I have worn them with a fitted white tee and got good feedback from my knitting group.  I just haven't made another pair yet.  That's next up on the cutting table.   

August 31, 2018

All's Quiet on the Pennsylvania Front

Hey everyone - 

I have been sewing, honest.  But I don't have anything fabulous to show for it.  

For example - this dress.  This is my tester version of the recently released Cashmerette Rivermont Dress.  While I love the fabric I used and the dress that I made - I don't love the photos that were taken of it.   

My tights are too dark, my shoes are completely the wrong color and they dress needs a bit more styling.  

But - does that stop me from wearing it?  No, it's just stopped me from blogging about it.  In the case of the Rivermont, I actually made the dress again and I really super love that version - even if it does highlight my tummy just a bit too much.

So - what else have I been doing, but not blogging about?  

1.  sewing for Eleanor.  She got an entire winter wardrobe filled with leggings, onsies and flannel jumpers.  Then she got a mini summer wardrobe - couple of pillowcase dresses, a onsie (which promptly had to be cut into a tee because she's potty training), and some shorts.  

2.  Jay's shirts - they just keep being made.  I cut a bunch, then sew them up in color stories.  I've added 3 blue shirts and then 3 Patriotic themed shirts to the closet this year.  He also got another motorcycle shirt before we went on vacation. 

3.  We've gone on 2 vacations.  

4.  Knitting - I have several new shawls and a cardigan that need blogging.

5.  Wide legged pants and an Ogden cami - I wasn't thrilled with either of these and rather than make pattern alternations and make them again and again until I was happy, I moved on to something else. 

6.  Button front shirt - see notes on #5 above. 

This year - I've realized that I'm flitting from pattern to pattern and not ever making anything that I'm really happy with.  I just sew it up once and then move on.  Working on correcting that.  

What stops you from blogging?  

May 2, 2018

Channeling Mrs. Roper

 When Decades of Style posted a photo on their Instagram indicating they were working on a new Decades Everyday pattern - I commented that I'd love to test for them!  Seriously.  With the exception of the Given a Chance Dress, I have all of the Decades Everyday patterns.  I have 3 ESP dresses in my closet and I love them!  I have even made a couple of their other patterns.  

Decades of Style have been amazing to work with.  I had reached out after making my first ESP Dress and got an incredibly detailed response on lowering the neckline of that dress and given permission to share the info.  And they were fabulous this time as well.  I was given the pattern for free, but the thoughts and opinions on the pattern are my own! 

This pattern is called the TLC Caftan.  This dress has a cross over top which is sewn into the waist band, pockets and side panels.  You can chose to sew a short or long dress and I would guess that you could even interchange the side panels using either the narrow or wide side panels on either the short or maxi dress options.  I have made the dress with the narrow side panels. 

I finally found a use for this lovely, leaf printed rayon challis that has been in my stash for a long, long time.  I honestly think I bought it almost 20 years ago.  If my memory serves me, I bought it from Nancy Cornwell's sewing and fabric store in Seattle, which she closed in late 1999 or early 2000.  So . . .

But the fabric was perfect for this.  It's lightweight and cool and was very easy to use.  The pattern was fairly quick to make.  I will say that the instructions call for two different fabrics and I didn't have a complimentary contrast fabric that would work, so I only used one.  In the future, I might actually try using wide, stable elastic for the waist band and I would honestly use elastic to pull the sides in (it's inside) rather than the ties.  

Changes I made to the pattern in testing:  I made a small full bust adjustment - which I don't think I needed.  I also made a 1 1/4" sway back adjustment and added 3" in length to the skirt and side panel pieces.  I then put in a deeper hem, think I could have gone deeper still. 

I forgot to mention that I did the used the size 18 bust with a FBA and the size 26 skirt because I need more room for my hips.  

Couple of thoughts - while the instructions are clear and easy to follow.  You want to be very careful marking and sewing the arm openings on the side panels.  Also, I finished the edges of the arm panels, before stitching them to the side panels, it was easier to press and turn them when they weren't attached.  Next, I think I would use elastic on the inside rather than the twill tape or ribbon to pull the sides together.  I just think it would make it all around easier to get into.  

While I don't think this is the most flattering look on me - I will still probably wear it.  I think - for me and my current lifestyle - the most likely use will be post shower but when I still need to be presentable for guests.  I really want to try the full length version.
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