March 24, 2019

Italy & France - Days 3 & 4

Half of the family woke up before dawn on Monday morning to watch the sunrise from above the villa we were staying at.  I was in the half that slept in.  After a quick cup of coffee in our rooms, we walked into town for some fresh pastry and another coffee.  I know why Europeans can eat all those pastries - they walk everywhere and it's hilly!!

Then we pilled into the car and headed to the Monster Garden.  What a fun day - even if it was raining!  We spent hours wandering around the statues, many of which were in ruins.

Before leaving - we attempted to get a family photo in front of another monster sculpture.  The outtakes from this are my favorite.

From Bomarzo (where the monster park is) we headed to Viterbo to find dinner.  This was the first time we actually realized that everything closes in the middle of the day!  Eleanor was starving and the rest of us were hungry.  We got lost trying to navigate the underground of Viterbo, but we found a young lady from Baltimore who was going to college there!  She helped us find the place we were looking for.

For some reason - there aren't a lot of photos from Viterbo, but here's a couple.

March 21, 2019

Ellis Skirt

You just recently saw many of these pictures when I talked about the sweater.  But this time - I'm gonna tell you about the skirt.

Again - I am a Cashmerette pattern tester and was provided the pattern in exchange for sewing it up.  But the thoughts and opinions on the skirt are my own.

I used to have a denim skirt very similar to this in my closet and I'm surprised how much I miss it.  This Ellis skirt was sewn in November - after my last round of Whole 30 and I as I learn to be gluten and dairy free.  So, my shape is in flux, just FYI.

Second - there were changes made to the fit of the pattern between testing and release.  I haven't compared my traced pieces to the final pattern - and I should.

Third - for my specific pear shaped issues and sway back on the tester version, I had to create a deep 2" dart in the back yoke to help eliminate gaping at my back waist.  Also - I understand this has been changed in the final pattern - see note above about how lazy I am.

Finally - This is a very traditional denim style skirt - I sewed the 5 pocket version with plain back pockets (that JB didn't take a photo of).  I added the darling coin pocket - which seems tiny and like it sits a bit too high above the other pocket.  I don't know if that's my cheater method of marking or if it really sits that high.

Just the Stats:

Waist:  38"
Hip:  52"
Height:  5'9"
Fabric:  purple stretch denim from deep stash - most likely an ancient joann's purchase from when The Princess worked at a vet and it was purchased to make scrubs. There was just enough for this skirt.

Alterations:  I used the pear shaped pattern pieces and cut a size 18 at the waist and a 20 at the yoke.  I pin fit the pattern to me to get the right hip curve.  I took a class with Peggy Sagers years ago and we figured out *MY Particular Hip curve.

Final size - 16 waist; 18 high hip and somewhere between an 18/20 hip.

I did not add length and I'm happy with where this lands.

Will I make this again? YES!  I need skirts like this in my life.  I find denim skirts so easy to wear and feel put together.  I feel like I look presentable to welcome guests to the B&B as well as feeling 'like me' when I get going for the day.  I definitely need a true denim version - which will get me to comparing test to final pattern.  Watch for that - or maybe don't at my current speed it might take years.

*This is how you do it to find yours.  With elastic holding your garment up - pin fit the side seams.  Very carefully - without removing any of the pins - step out of the garment (pants or skirt).  Turn inside out.  Then using your french curve, place along the pinned seam until it matches.  This is your Hip Curve.  It should not change with size.

March 17, 2019

Italy & France 2018 - Day 2

The next day was Saturday and we were told that very little was open in town on Saturday.  But we went out exploring anyway!  Soriano is on the side of a mountain and has an old fortress right on the peak.  We got a personal tour of the castle and climbed the open touret to watch the sunset.  This is a pic of the castle from our room.  We are looking over the tops of houses.  We covered every square inch of town, we ate fresh baked pastries, pizza and had a lovely pasta for dinner.    

On Sunday we all hopped into the car and headed to Pisa, but we didn't make it that far.  We ended up stopping at a charming port town, finding another fortress, following the paths around it and enjoying the incredible views.

Because we are a family of knitters, Jessica brought her finished brioche project to photograph for her ravelry page - it's a stunning shawl.

We had very few instances of sibling rivalry.  Everyone got along and that was nice.  The girls are scouting out the shawl photo shoot.

Eleanor playing with the shawl - yep, she's sitting at the side of the pull out.  She's already in love with wool and has a few shawls of her own that she drapes around her neck - teach 'em young!

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