November 2, 2018

The Cutest Little Project Bag

If you read the last post, you know that I was contacted by The Sewciety and asked if I'd like to receive one of their first subscription boxes. 

I was honored to receive the box.  I did an 'opening' reveal on my IG stories and have it saved to my profile

The box itself is sturdy and has quotes on it.  It is suggest that you keep the box for project storage.  It would make a neat pile if you have more than one.  I plan to keep mine and put the supplies I need for an upcoming quilting class (who am I?!) into it. 

While I have every plan in the book to make the little top that was included with the box - my sewing time is so limited these days.  So, I made the little wristlet.  It was everything a quick project should be - quick, fun, easy and adorable! 

Once I trimmed the selvedges off the fabrics, I was ready to start.  I would say, the only thing I don't love about this project is the placement of the strap.  I wish it curved around one of the ends.  I tried doing that, but with the stabilizer, it really didn't want to. 

As you can see I used the lining fabric for the outside of the strap.  Just to add a little fun contrast. 

I will say, I had a little bit of trouble with the zipper insertion - but that was all me.  The instructions were clear - I just thought I knew better.

Again - super easy sew and I would make it again.  I love how the bag opens wide!  That both fabrics coordinate.  This project would be a great stash buster and make cute little gifts. 

I love that everything I needed to make this little wristlet pouch was included in my Sewciety box.  I would absolutely subscribe and get more boxes.

Inside of the pouch - see how wide it opens up?  I love it!  Did you get a Sewciety box?  What are your thoughts? 

October 11, 2018

Being Noticed

Recently - I've been being noticed on Instagram.  It feels strange and wonderful at the same time. 

In September, Brianne of The Huntswoman Group included me in a post on the Curvy Fashionista.  This post focused on 7 Plus Size Sewists to Follow on Instagram.  After that - my followers skyrocketted and I felt obligated to post. 

See, my instagram is not staged at all.  I'm often not worried about taking the perfect photo, but rather about posting something I want to share and, honestly, my IG posts are all over the map you might see sewing, knitting, food, dogs, or possibly Eleanor. 

Top 9 IG Posts

Then, as if that wasn't enough - I was contacted by The Sewciety and asked if I'd like to receive a complimentary box for review.  Seriously - I am not one of the cool kids.  I do not get asked to do these kinds of things.  And with running the B&B, I'm pretty selective about what I agree to do in my free time.  But - I said yes to this one and you can see my box in the photo above.  

I'm still learning all about stories, but I did an Instagram Story showing the unboxing and I'll be posting about one of the projects in a week or so.  If you are interested in  getting your own box, follow the link above use the code GMARIEBONUS for an extra cut of fabric in your first box.  

So tell me, how do you feel about being noticed?  Do you feel like you need to step up your game?  I do.  Do you feel like you need to have a perfect IG grid?  I kinda do, but I know it's not going to happen.  These days, I'm happy to post daily and be noticed.  

September 20, 2018

Full Legged Pants

Last year, we had a very lovely guest from England who looked so put together    What was she wearing?  Beautiful floral wide legged pants and a slim tee.  Sometimes with a scarf thrown around her neck, but often not.  
Clearly, I could skip the ice cream
I have lusted after that outfit.  I mean - seriously lusted.  I want to look that sleek, polished and put together.  This outfit is not quite it - but it's getting there.  After seeing KS Sews make McCalls 7757, I knew I wanted them.  So, the pattern number was added to my list of  "Must Buy" patterns and picked up at the next sale.

They were sewn up in a rayon that I had received from Carolyn in a give away she had years ago.  Way before it would have been fishy for me to win ;)  I paired them with an ogden cami (but we aren't talking about that now). 

By the time I made necessary adjustments - added at the center front and center back waist and added at the hip - the hemline was over 36" around!!  Each leg!  I can see wrinkles in this photo from my hip to the inside of my knee - but I have no idea what that's trying to tell me.  Also, with the hem this big, it was hard to walk.  My shoe would get caught in the hem - not good.  

While they are very comfortable, this wasn't the sleek, chic look I was going for.  I have since altered the pattern to be a little less full at the waistline, a little lower in the back, and a little less full (okay, a lot) at the hemline, but still giving the allusion of falling straight from the hip.  

here you can see just how big the hem is

I don't think the ogden is doing me any favors in the silhouette department.  Since taking these in, I have worn them with a fitted white tee and got good feedback from my knitting group.  I just haven't made another pair yet.  That's next up on the cutting table.   

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