October 11, 2018

Being Noticed

Recently - I've been being noticed on Instagram.  It feels strange and wonderful at the same time. 

In September, Brianne of The Huntswoman Group included me in a post on the Curvy Fashionista.  This post focused on 7 Plus Size Sewists to Follow on Instagram.  After that - my followers skyrocketted and I felt obligated to post. 

See, my instagram is not staged at all.  I'm often not worried about taking the perfect photo, but rather about posting something I want to share and, honestly, my IG posts are all over the map you might see sewing, knitting, food, dogs, or possibly Eleanor. 

Top 9 IG Posts

Then, as if that wasn't enough - I was contacted by The Sewciety and asked if I'd like to receive a complimentary box for review.  Seriously - I am not one of the cool kids.  I do not get asked to do these kinds of things.  And with running the B&B, I'm pretty selective about what I agree to do in my free time.  But - I said yes to this one and you can see my box in the photo above.  

I'm still learning all about stories, but I did an Instagram Story showing the unboxing and I'll be posting about one of the projects in a week or so.  If you are interested in  getting your own box, follow the link above use the code GMARIEBONUS for an extra cut of fabric in your first box.  

So tell me, how do you feel about being noticed?  Do you feel like you need to step up your game?  I do.  Do you feel like you need to have a perfect IG grid?  I kinda do, but I know it's not going to happen.  These days, I'm happy to post daily and be noticed.  


  1. You're a cool kid to me!! To be honest, I kind of let myself feel the instagram pressure too and decided to try and only post relevant photos and take them with my "real" camera. But honestly it makes me post less, and thats not fun, so I think i probably need to try and go back to being more relaxed about it.

  2. Hey I notice you every time you post. With talent like yours why not be noticed. Happy for you.

  3. Well I don't care about having the perfect grid. I'm going for authenticity so what I post is what I care about, what I sew and what I love. However, you won't see food or pets from me because you know I dislike both! *LOL*

  4. "See, my instagram is not staged at all. I'm often not worried about taking the perfect photo, but rather about posting something I want to share "

    This is me. I love the sewing community but will not try to find time to maintain "perfect" social media. I don't even like IG all that much. I joined because I felt obligated after partnering with Cricut and getting that amazing bundle of goodies for free. And so it's posting whenever the mood strikes vs posting *content*. I haven't been on in days...I'll have to go check out your unboxing!!!

    On being noticed; I mentioned to a sewing friend that I was in the fabric store and someone called me by name and it freaked me out. But they "knew" me from social media. And my friend asked, "I bet that was kind of cool, huh?"

    NO! NO IT WAS NOT!!!!! lol!

  5. You know I don't even instagram, so you're already way cooler than me! You should post however it makes you happy; you really don't need anymore jobs! Congrats on the box; I can't wait to see your opening pictures!


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