August 9, 2017

Pony Up!

Oh my gosh!  I started writing this a week ago.  I thought I actually had a draft post here - but no, all I had was a title.  Figures.  :\

Anyway - when the Pony Tank by Chalk and Notch was released back in early June - what?!  I managed to win Pear Berry Lane's instagram give away!  Whoot whoot!!   I was so excited.  I bought that pattern and entered my code faster than anyone knew what was happening.  But then what happened?  Well - life got busy.  The B&B was non-stop from mid-June right through to the end of July.  

I had a taped together and traced pattern sitting on my cutting table, along with fabric.  I just needed time.  Well - I finally found that time.  I think I spent about 2 days cutting the top out and sewing it up - not because it took that long - but because I only have little chunks of time to sew now.  

Anyway - the fabric I used was (honestly) probably not the best for this pattern, but I don't care.  I love it.  It's a heavy cotton spandex knit and I have no idea where I got it.  There was between 1 1/2 - 2 yards and there is still a little piece left - which I'll save for when Miss Eleanor is big enough for these huge polka dots.  

I made my usual alterations to the pattern while tracing it.  Which is just to take 2 1/2" out of the back length for my incredibly short back (or sway back).  

Once I found the time to sew this up - it took no time at all.  JB didn't get a good close up of the neckband, but this baby has the prettiest v-neck that I've ever managed to accomplish. 

There is a dress length also included in the pattern, but I can't decide if I want to try it or not.  I'm getting more comfortable wearing some of my work dresses in the B&B for breakfast service but they are mostly the knit dresses and have a bit of waist definition.  But who knows - you may see a dress version of the Pony Tank pop up here in the future.  

What's your favorite thing to sew these days? 


  1. This is soooooooooo cute.. Love the fabric.. Looks so cool and comfortable.

  2. This is really cute! I can see why you wanted to win and make it! Now that you've made one you should think about another one or two cause I think it makes you look pretty put together for your new life.

  3. this is so cute on you, love it! I also like the little glimpse of the new yard!! hint hint! more garden shots!

  4. It is a great top. It might make a good dress, especially if you wear it with a belt for some shaping. The loose profile would make it easy to wear when you're working, so that's a plus. Glad you've found time to sew for yourself!

  5. Oh, I just love the top! That fabric is awesome. Looks great!

  6. In summer, I'm all about the tanks and the a-line dresses that are just....longer tanks with pockets. This is super swell (super bonus for polka dots).

  7. Love the dots! Nice to see you sew-blogging. Hope your new life/B&B is going well.


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