June 30, 2017

Carriage Corner Sew Camp

Just setting up the Sewing Space/Living Room
So, when we were looking for a bed and breakfast to call our own, one thing that was really important to me was a space big enough to hold sewing retreats.  The first B&B we seriously looked at had a huge beautiful common area - but that property needed more work than we had money, so we kept looking.

As we wandered around Carriage Corner, I kept wondering where we could set up tables and create a comfortable gathering place for sewists.  I played with the idea of setting space up in the garage - I mean there was a fridge in there - but honestly - it's a goldilocks space. (either too hot or too cold!)  Carolyn came to stay for a few days just after Christmas and we wandered around the B&B looking at space.  And then because she's a friend, we hung out in our personal space and did a little bit of sewing stuff (although we rarely seem to actually turn machines on).

It was agreed that the best place to have a retreat was in my sewing space/living room.  We are very lucky with the property we found - you see, many times the Innkeepers live in a room and we have an entire 2 bedroom house - which is accessed from the office.  It's easy enough to bring the dogs in and out through the front door so they aren't around the sewing room when we do retreats.  And - there is a kitchen, powder room, and tv - I mean, what more could you want?

Because our personal space is accessed through the office AND we are able to shut ourselves away in our bedroom - YOU are able to stay up as late as you like sewing or start early.  I keep the office door open to make the space more accessible and will show all 'campers' where light switches, plug ins for irons and remotes are at the start.  We more all the 'regular' furniture out of the space and have a folding tables set up in a large square to create community.  Both the cutting table and the dining room table can be used for pattern work and cutting.

So - we hosted our first sewing retreat in March and has 3 people attend.  Click over to the B&B Blog and read my 'why' behind hosting sewing retreats.  With 5 rooms in the B&B all having queen sized beds, I figure our max attendance is 10 people.  But I'm finding that even if you are really good friends, many of you don't want to share a bed with someone.  Fair enough.  So that puts us at 5 attendees.  BUT, two of my rooms have pull out beds with really nice mattresses on them - so that gives us 2 more people or a total of 7.

We are planning our next sewing retreat for July 21 - 23.  We start by meeting at the B&B around 10:00 am if you haven't stayed the night before.  I will serve coffee cake while I'm getting organized to drive to Fabric Mart.  While we go to FabricMart - JB will stay home, bring your luggage and sewing supplies in.  Once we get back to Carriage Corner, your stuff will be set up and you can get right to sewing.  I'll prewash any fabric that you need from your purchases.  Friday evening dinner will be 'happy hour' style with appetizers. Again - click over to the B&B Blog for the full schedule of weekend events - but basically, once we get back from FabricMart - it's all sewing, all the time.  Except for eating.  I hope you'll consider coming out and sewing sewing me.  I have a block on the rooms until July 6th - so if you are interested in attending - read the details, and then give me a call to reserve your room.

*and this will be the end of me schilling for the B&B on this blog.

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  1. Oh, it sounds like so much fun. I wish we were closer so I could play.


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