January 19, 2015

Where the SewJo Went

I've been giving this quite a bit of thought and I've figured out where my desire to sew went.  It's hiding under a huge pile of UFOs.  Thankfully - they aren't flying.  So - what's got me so overwhelmed and how do I get past it?
half and 3/4 circle skirts
for The Musical One

Circles for The Princess
1. Circle skirt project.  I started this for a couple of reasons.  a.  I wanted a good visual of the different circle skirt options and b.  thought it would make a good CSC post.  At this point - I have 5 of 6 circle skirts made.  I ruined the full circle skirt for The Musial One when I put the zipper in.  All skirts need hems.

2.  Hubby's anniversary shirt.  I bought 3 lengths of fun, conversation prints to make JB bowling style shirts last summer.  The first one was to have been done for the Bridal Showerl last August (but I didn't have enough fabric to pattern match and had to order more).  In the midst of my crazy Christmas Crafting I cut out 1 shirt for JB and have been slowly sewing it up.  Stalled because I'm past the deadline - hoping to finish in time for him to wear to see Dirty Dancing at the end of the month.  Were I'm at now?  needs sleeve hems, buttonholes & buttons. 

I spent an hour tonight after dinner and before right now working on this shirt.  The pattern match is pretty good across the front, but not perfect.  It's horrible at the sides and what do you do across the sleeves?  Seriously?!  Anyway - all it needs now is buttons and buttonholes.  I have a few choices - what do you all think?  From left to right:  Taupe (I think my preference); 2 hole black; 4 hole black; 2 hole wood, 4 hole bleached wood.

3.  My Christmas dress.  I was heavily influenced by Tanya and her lovely dresses.  Then I got an email from Fabric.com with 'sparkly' material.  I cannot turn away from sparkles (apparently, I'm turning into a crow in my old age!).  I had the pattern already.  Where I'm at and why am I stalled?  See #2 above - past the holidays, but again, might be appropriate to wear at the end of the month.  Stalled because I didn't read the directions and did the collar wrong - which has since been fixed. So much left to do:  set in sleeves, buttons, buttonholes, add skirt, add side zipper; hem.  About 3 hours of work.  I'm shocked by how much and at the same time, rather amazed at how little I can get done in 60 minutes.  But I guess every seam I get done is one less to do, right?

4.  Machine Embroidered (Late) Holiday Gifts.  anytime you add late.  Stalled because my computer stopped talking to my dongle.  Have to take computer to sewing machine dealer to figure it out.  Think my dongle is corrupt - don't want to deal with it.

5. I have 5 other dresses and a top cut out.  Stalled because - well because.  For me - anytime something is pre-cut and I don't get to it right away it hangs over my head and makes me feel guilty!  I get to the point where I don't want to make them up - don't care if they ever become clothes in my closet.  The guilt stops me from walking into the room. But some of these dresses I really, really want to wear - the color blocked dress is there and a lovely fallish printed corduroy Odette, a myrtle and a boucle sheath dress.  

So - do you know what makes your SewJo go missing?  


  1. Those skirts look fabulous! And yeah, I am also currently a bit-here-and-a-bit-there sewer. Takes forever to make anything that way!

  2. WOW! Busy, busy! Really nice things :)

  3. I tend to get stalled when the next step on a project is something I don't like doing, like buttonholes. Then everything else is suddenly more interesting! I also get stuck when I have to make a tough decision about how the project should go or solve a problem I've run into. What helps me get unstuck is to not think about SO MUCH TO DO and just grab something and get started. Don't look at the whole, just focus on working on this little piece of it. You do a couple little pieces and the whole mountain gets smaller.

  4. You are too much of a perfectionist, get over the problems and finish something anything and you will feel inspired to go on.

  5. Great projects! I agree with STH, pick one and sew. Tiny steps are needed at this point to make progress.

    That said, i have several UFOs and many are in my sewing room. I hope to tackle some this coming weekend.

  6. I'm actually usually pretty good at not having UFO's. Usually, they happen when I'm just starting on a project and then "Oooh, shiny!" happens and I stop and jump to another project. (Typically, this happens with brand new pattern releases or if a sewalong I'm interested in starts.) To get back on track, I just try to hunker down for an hour or two when I'm ready to go back to the UFO and either finish or make significant progress to where I'm enthused again.

  7. First, I like your button choice for JB's shirt. If you put in the buttonholes and put on the buttons, that should help you get UFOs flying.

    Do you machine hem? I love the machine's blind hemming feature. But I think circle skirts look best with a narrow hem, straight stitch, because I think that gives them the best swirl and twirl. Maybe that's just me. But if you can do that, then you can quickly finish all those skirts and there's a whole bunch of UFOs flying away.

    That dress is a long project. So I'd leave that til last. I know why you like sparkles; I've wanted them, too. I'm thinking about sparkles for my dress for Shannon's wedding in October. Another magpie here. But I've had no sewing mojo since hubster's surgery (one year and 2 days ago) - too much worry became a bad habit. Blah. I want a new sweater dress, but can't even bring myself to select fabric! I did make 3 dresses from a super-easy McCalls pattern in October, but that burst of energy came and went, too.

    1. Yeah, I agree. I'd go to work on those hems and bang them out quickly, so that things start to feel more manageable.

  8. oh, oh, UFO guilt - I know that one !!! remember the coat sewalong ? LOL That's my biggie. :-)

    Too much mess, too many UFOs will stall me - sometimes along with a general 'I want to but don't wanna make the effort' feeling.

    A big push will be a bunch of little things so I 2nd or 3rd the suggestion of doing the skirt hems. They're taking up hanging space (as in, I imagine they're right in your face). It'll be like assembly line sewing and getting them done will feel so good.

    I like either of the light buttons on the shirt, and as long as your machine doesn't fuss over the buttonholes (as mine does) they shouldn't take too long either. Getting started is the hardest.

  9. Oh I really really want to sew but I never get a chance anymore. Since Rob retired I can't get any time to myself. If I get on the computer or the sewing machine, he's suddenly standing over me with other things to do.

  10. What's sewjo? I'm pretty sure I've never had any, but if I find some, I'll send it to you. (But seriously, there's another Bearables training next week... I may go.)

    I'd give opinions if I had them, but what do I know of sewing stuffs?!


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