December 8, 2014


Honestly - I have been sewing.  My huge, long to do list is completely overwhelming me and I sit in the living room after work and knit - which is fine because I still have a bunch of that to get done before the holidays as well.

In late October - I tested Violet for Abby of Blue Ginger Doll.  Some changes were made during the testing process and I can't actually tell you if my dress is similar to the pattern or just a complete departure.  

Color blocking is a very new thing for me and I'm not sure how or where or how much color blocking to add.  The main fabric is a chocolate brown knit with ivory and blue polka dots.  The fabric was purchased from Fabric.Com and is lovely.  It's swishy and has a great hand.  I bought a thin blue knit and used it for the yoke as well as the pockets (not in the original pattern, but since sewing Odette, I find I need pockets in everything!) - so I drafted some and added them.

While making this dress, I really, really, really tried to make friends with the coverstitch setting on my new to me serger.  I did not win.  In fact - my machine is still at the doctor, should be coming home next week.

Anyway - I highlighted all the yoke seams with blue double needle stitching.  Because I believe accents should be done in threes - I bound the sleeve hems and neckline edges with the blue knit as well.

I chose the full skirted, short sleeved options.  Short sleeves are my default these days.  

This dress goes together quickly and easily.  I'd like to try the pencil skirt version - not sure it's gonna happen in 2014 - but I will get to it.  You know, as long as I'm not distracted by the new shiny pattern.


  1. I love the color accents with the polka dots!

  2. So cute! Good luck with your holiday prep.....

  3. My favorite colors! The dress looks great on you and the contrast fabric and stitching is a pretty touch.

  4. Cute dress! I like the aqua accents/color blocking. I think that this might be one of those sleeper patterns that doesn't get a lot of internet buzz but looks great on everyone.

  5. You're way ahead of me . My list just keeps growing. I have me hand in a brace most of the time and can't get into the doc until next week. If I'm lucky I may finish my Christmas sewing and knitting by Easter.

  6. Love it - the dress, the color/fabric combo, everything!

  7. Saw this last week, but didn't have time to comment. I love the turquoise accents with the brown fabric. It looks good on you!


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