June 21, 2014

Trying a New Pattern and it's not a dress!

I was keeping an eye on Beau in this pic
hence the crazy face
 I have had New Look 6098 in my pattern stash for a long, long time.  Every time I move upcoming patterns to sew around - I keep this one on the table.  And yet - until recently - I hadn't made it.  New Look patterns seem to fit me fairly well, straight out of the packet without too many alterations.  

I think one of the things I was worried about with this design, was the waist band.  Couple that with my lovely menopause belly and I was very afraid I might look pregnant in this dress, rather than just large.  A couple of weeks ago - I finally traced this pattern. When tracing - I made a few changes, notably:  short sleeves, raised the overlap, and made a 2" swayback adjustment.   

Knee is slowly improving
No more accessorizing with tape!
I grabbed a very pretty brown and white knit that I bought from Fabric Mart (Drat you Carolyn!!) but had only bought 2 yards of the fabric.  There was just enough for this top.  I posted a pic of the fabric on instagram and Sharon said it needed to be worn with hot pink to make it seasonally appropriate.  I just happened to have a pale pink skirt in the closet and an outfit was born! 

I wore this outfit on Friday - casual denim day in our office.  The one thing I noticed - the top is too big.  

The pencil skirt is from Simplicity's Amazing Fit line.  The pattern is Simplicity 2475 and is one of the first patterns released in this line.   The 'pleated' kick pleat is a change I made to the pattern, just for something different.  My kick pleat doesn't lay smoothly all the time, if I were to do this again - I would mimic Abby's instructions in her new Betsy Pencil Skirt, view C has a lovely pleated vent.

The one thing I noticed - the top is too big.  So, I've already cut out a dress from this pattern.  In version 2 I added a little bit more height to the center front and took some length out of the front angle.  I threaded up the new serger I bought strictly for coverstitching and got the bodice put together before heading out for Father's Day festivities last weekend.  I also cut the whole thing one size smaller - hopefully it works.  I'll be finishing it up today - right after I take the Abby to the vet for annual shots and check up. 


  1. Nice top and nice skirt too! They look really good together!
    And by the way - what a beautiful profile you have!!

  2. Can you believe it, I actually got the sewing machine out yesterday and stitched. It's been so long that it took me a few minutes to remember where everything was located, like the light switch. It felt really good to be sewing again and I'm working hard at getting the sewing area neat and tidy so I can do more. It was like meeting an old friend again after years apart.

  3. I think that print looks really good with the pale pink skirt. Can you take it in a little where you feel it's too big? Hooray for finding a pattern line that mostly fits straight out of the envelope!

  4. Love the top.. and it is great with the pink skirt.. Look forward to seeing the next one.Happy sewing.

  5. Very nice!

    Strange, I didn't notice the tape on your knee until I read about it.

  6. I like the whole outfit. As others have noted, the top pairs really well with the skirt.

  7. I love it! Glad the knee is feeling better.

  8. The top looks like a lovely shape on you. It makes for a very nice silhouette with the skirt. And I LOVE that kick pleat!

  9. Gorgeous fabric! I love the combo!

  10. I always wanted to try this pattern but was afraid I'd look pregnant too. It's very cute and I love the color combo. I will have to give this pattern a try.


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