December 2, 2013

MAGAM - Anna

This is the first Anna Dress.   I made some changes from the Anna Top.
I took the center front panel in 1/2" all the way down the length of it.  That's the 1/4" I added to all seams plus an additional 1/4".  It could be a bit snugger from the armholes through the waist.
And I'm wondering if I need to take a smidge out above the bust - thoughts?

I added 6" to the midi-length dress mark because I always have to add 6" to get it long enough. I cut 2" off and made a 2" hem.
Those BHL girls must be tall!

I wore this with a white cardigan all day.
I don't really know how to accessorize my work clothes.
If it isn't easy - well it doesn't get done.
Ideas - suggestions?

I am leaning backwards in this photo and sticking my belly forward.
But - I till think it's a good photo from the mid-chest up.
This was my garment for the Make A Garment a Month Challenge.
I made one muslin, then the top and finally the dress was made on the 29th.
But I didn't get a chance to wear it or take photos until today.
For December, I want to work with another BHL pattern - this one will be Elisalex. It will definitely have to be muslined - as the bodice is fitted and I'm not sure about that skirt on my hips - there might be more photos of me in muslin to get honest feedback.
Hopefully - I will have time to get it done.  I don't generally sew during the work week.
This coming weekend is my office Holiday Party.
The next weekend is Poker and I have to have the annual flannel pants ready to mail.
Truthfully - this past weekend - I was selfish.  I wanted to sew for me, so I did.
I made Anna and then I cut a lovely sweater knit I bought from Mood and made another Ottobre Sheath.  I then (unselfishly) made both of my girls Magic Pencil Skirts from the leftovers.
Good thing one of them lives on the East Coast - I think we are a bit too old to do the matchy matchy.


  1. Your dress is lovely. It is hard to say from the pics but looks a fine fit (ie no need to take out anymore). As for accessorising - I must say - not my strong suit - however I have decided that in the new year I am going to do that more and I am going to plan the night before and put out on a Valet hanger - now that is planning.

  2. Very nice dress! I like the colour. The fit looks fine from these pics, but after you've worn it a few times you might have a better idea of what adjustments to make for next time, if any. Accessorising and coordinating outfits is not one of my specialties either. I've been doing a lot of reading on wardrobe planning this year, particularly after I had my colour analysis.

  3. Looks great on you!
    I'd pair that with a brown corduroy blazer/jacket for work, especially with those boots!

  4. I like this dress a lot. The color and style look great on you.

  5. This looks great! I've been eyeing up the Anna for a while but still not entirely sure if it would suit me or not... Between your and Mary's versions though I'm starting to get convinced :)

  6. Very pretty the fabric!

  7. You're much braver than I am. I would never attempt to wear the skirt on Elisalex even in my size 8, 110 lb days. It'll be interesting to see what it looks like on a real person.

  8. Beautiful dress and sometimes it is so wonderful to be selfish. I think you are your daughter would be so cute in matching skirts! Seriously, way to go, I bet your girls love their new skirts.

  9. Hi, the dress looks lovely - and the fit around the bust looks fine in these pictures. I think Leonie's comment to wear the dress to see how it settles and fits is a good one. If you are like me, you like to be able to move.

    I'm not much of a one for accessories either. I'm plain and simple, that's my style. I am not sure what yours is, but you look like a fairly active sort of person. So the idea that Nessa suggested - a brown corduroy blazer would work well. Maybe some sort of natural stone pendant would suit you too.

  10. So pretty. I think the fit is good. Looks really pretty on you..

  11. I like that color on you! I think that you could wear a blazer over any of your dresses, and that would make them dressed-up office style, if you wanted a change from cardigans. I do like this dress, and think you could recreate it in many colors to fill out your wardrobe. The fit and flare style is very nice.

  12. I love it!! Can't help with fit because you know all but my formals are off-the-rack-I'd-better-not-even-have-to-hem, but for accessories...

    Grey and green is awesome. This month, do black, and definitely wear that Christmas week with your red boots!! Gretchen is voting for PANK, and Sissy says even the right purple would be fun, but not too garish for work. I'd also toss a jean jacket over it with brown boots for a casual day... Does that help?


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