October 1, 2013

The Ugly Truth

NL 6095 front holding the hips out.
Drag lines from the bust to the waist.

from the side, you can see what a mess the back is.
Partly because my arm is raised.  Definitely too much fabric at the sides,
but what are those lines over my butt?  And do you see the lines going diagonally over the thighs?

back wrinkled mess.  Looks too tight at the bra band - but doesn't feel that way.
Sway back adjustment?  Too much length in the back?

back closer

bust, neckline and shoulders are all actually good.  The dart could be slightly longer,
but there is no pulling across the bust.
Again - I'm seeing diagonal drag lines from the side to the center front.

I had just undone the zip to pull the dress off.
JB told me to stop!  Put your arms back up.
This really shows how exaggerated the hips are.

Good idea of how Elisalex might look on me?


  1. I think the diagonal drag lines in the front are because of the extra fabric at the side hip. The excess fabric allows the side of the dress to pull inward and the front to pouch outward making the wierd lines . I would pin all that fabric excess at the sides and take it in and then try it on again. The horizontal folds at the back are probably due to a too long back length.

  2. Hi g, my 6095 also has the curved hip shape, but it looks okay on me, because I am so tiny- but it doesn't look good on you. I don't know how tall you are, but if you are short (or if you are shortwaisted) the back could be too long. I also have diagonal lines from bust through to the back - I'm still working out how to fix them (if I can work it out). I can live with my wrinkles, but you are right - your dress is not looking good - I think the whole hip area is too low - it seems to pouch out below your hips. As Lynn says - pin it in - although I suspect your diagonal wrinkles won't go. It will be interesting to see if they do...

  3. P.S - I think you do have a sway back as well . The lines at the front mean too much fabric - darts might help. It could be that this shift may not work for your figure type - not sure what it is.

  4. You definitely have a pinning, tucking and resewing marathon ahead of you - then I am sure this dress will look super on you... J

  5. All I can do is hope someone else can help...

  6. Lynn's suggestion of pinning and trying it on - or basting, for that matter - may show you where it needs to be taken in. The hips are too tight, and I believe that causes the sagging problems front and back. I think you might need darts from waist to hip in the back to even out the fit. I understand why you wanted this fabric to work, because it is a bright and cheerful print.

  7. Oh dear. This looks like a lot of taking in - you must be thinner than you thought! I'd put it on inside out and get a friend over. With a bottle of wine and some pins I think you'd have this all stitched up.

  8. If you look at Peggy Sagers suggestion to make fitting adjustments first by length, then circumference, then dept then I would pin about 2 to 3 inches out all the way around the dress right about that area where it makes the wrinkled band in the back. if you look at the last picture you posted, the one where you have both arms over your head, you can see that there is too much circumference, but you can also see that a good bit of the wrinkles in the skirt have gone. Basically, by pulling the dress up to take it off, you have artificially moved the entire bottom section of it to where the curves of the dress now line up with the corresponding curves of your body. I think you will also see that a lot of the back wrinkles will have resolved themselves, since it very much looks as if the top back is essentially too long and is "puddeling". So like I said, I would pin out about 2-ish inches right around the waist area, all the way around, thereby shortening the top a little and picking up the bottom to more align it with your body. Once you have done that you will be able to take out the extra volume all around.


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