October 29, 2013

Mash Up - Lady Renfrew Skater

 JB says this fabric made him dizzy to look at. 

The fabric is a pink/red and black tiny stripe knit that I got at JoAnns.  I really need to stay out of there and spend my fabric money at Mood or Fabric Mart.  This dress won't last long - the fabric is thin. 

This dress is totally a mash up.  I started with the Lady Skater and honestly, made no adjustment to the neckline shape - other than to omit the neck band.  Instead I added a single layer cowl from the Renfrew pattern. 

I still need to take length out of the bodice of this pattern.  The skirt - even though it's not heavy in this thin knit - pulls the waist seam down making it lower than my waist.

To tone down the bright - pinkness and the dizzy factor - I wore it with black.  Belt, cardigan, nylons and boots. 

I have been teaching The Musical One how to hem dresses for me.  JB has no interest in learning.  In fact, I had to go on strike and refused to cook Sunday dinner until one of them learned and helped me.  I need to either get back to the same size that Lou (the Dummy is) or adjust her to fit me.  Then I can mark the hem myself. 

This is an issue because for some reason - this dress has a high/low hem.  Ummm - I'm not a huge fan of the trend, but it hangs evenly and make a smooth transition from front to back.  Due to the short lifespan of this dress (see fabric issues above), I'm not going to bother fixing it. 

Not sure what's going on in this photo - what I was looking it.  Maybe the pile of shoes in the entry way.  I would really like to replace that bench and hide those shoes. 

For those who are wondering - the Renfrew cowl fits on the Lady Skater just fine.  I wish it was drapier.   Is that a word? 

So now I've made 3 versions of the lady skater and have another one planned - hopefully this weekend.  Right after I make a fancy dress for a charity event in a few weeks.  ::gulp::


  1. I don't like the high low look either, in tops or bottoms - but as you say, for a short lifespan skirt, why fix it! It's interesting how we gravitate to cheap fabrics, but as you are pointing out, they are not really worth sewing. The dress is lovely though, and will work beautifully in a less stretchy sort of knit - that is probably what is pulling the waist down.

  2. Cute dress, and I like how you have styled it :-)

  3. I think you mixed/mashed the perfect elements for this dress.

  4. I like how you styled it. I agree about Joann's fabrics, the dress looks good on you and you will enjoy it.

  5. I like the cowl neck on that dress. I don't find the color too bright; even menswear is brighter these days! I think you could also wear it with a black blazer if you wanted to dress it up a little. It's too bad that the fabric is so thin; I hate making something I know won't last long.

  6. I like the dress and wouldn't have noticed the hi-lo hem if you hadn't pointed it out. Sorry the fabric is thin.

  7. It is a very interesting pattern and pretty choice of fabric.

  8. Lovely colors - very cheery, perfect for this time of year! And who does not love a flirty skirt?!

  9. I like your idea to use the Renfrew cowl on the Lady Skater pattern. I might have to try it sometime.

  10. I love the cowl neck...this dress is so pretty, and I love it on you!
    I am not sure what a hi-low hem is? That is such a great color on you....love it! :o)


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