July 15, 2013

Shawls for Momma

My new favorite gift for new mommas is something for the momma.
I've been knitting shawls for friends who are expecting.
This was a beautiful lime green yarn is Anzula's Haiku.
It's a lovely wool and bamboo blend which I bought on sale.
One 500 yard hank was just enough to knit the Holden Shawlette pattern which is free.
This particular shawl was a gift for my hairdresser.
Who also happens to be our neighbor's daughter.

No pictures of the baby wrapped in this shawl.
So how about Beau - checking it out?


  1. That is a gorgeous shawl and such a wonderful gift.

  2. WOw that is an amazing gift. She can drape it over her while she nurses if she wants to ! !
    I have a new kitten, a baby of sorts, do I get one TOO!???

  3. My goodness that is an amazing shawl - your hairdresser is one lucky lady!

  4. Beautiful! What a thoughtful, wonderful gift.

    And what a handsome helper too.

  5. I think Beau is a fine model! And I'm sure the new Momma will enjoy a little luxury for herself.

  6. so beautiful... and what a great gift idea

  7. It's really lovely - I bet it's soft too.

  8. Wowser! This is simply stunning!

  9. What a lovely and thoughtful gift. It's sweet that Mom and baby can both share it.


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