June 19, 2013

What Do You Do When You Can't Wear Heels?

Dansko Reeny

Many of you remember my ambition to participate in a 10k a month.  Well that ended in March with an over ambitious participation in a 15k in which I walked.  I finished, with under a 15 minute mile - but I stupidly did it without training.  I really pulled some muscles in my right leg from the hip, through my knee, right down to my ankle.  I do not want to have an MRI - I have incredibly horrible medical insurance and I'm afraid I will spend lots of money to have them say you need to rest it.

Dansko Ryder


So - I've been resting it, walking the dog a bit less, moving slower when we do walk the dog and not doing races.  I've found that when I wear heels to work, my ankle and knee ache.  It hurts to stand up from sitting and I walk with a limp.  So - I've been wearing my danskos daily again - I love my danskos, my knee and ankle no longer hurt and my hip feels better.  But - I find Danskos to be 'clunky'.

Dansko Hailey

So - what do you do when you can't wear heels?  I wear a skirt or dress every day.  My office dress code is no bare legs, no open toe.  While many of the ladies in the office do both bare legs and open toed shoes - so far, I had not.  I don't mind wearing panty hose.  I like the control top and the warmth they provide again overly air conditioned buildings. 

Dansko Tandy
So, my question to you is -- Would you wear any of these shoes on a semi regular basis with work clothes?  If not, why not?  And what would you wear?  

Honestly - I'm hating that I can't wear my heels right now without being in pain.  I have a nice selection of shoes - not like Carolyn or Debbie, but nice enough.  And I seriously dislike the fact that I'm buying more shoes - but being able to sit, bend and walk without pain is important.

Finally - do you wear slingbacks with hosery? 


  1. Not a great one to give advice on this. I am a non panty hose / stocking person. I do like all of the above shoes. Especially with slacks but the first one I would wear with a straight skirt.

    Wear what you feel comfortable wearing.

  2. I would wear any of the shoes shown with a dress or skirt. I wear skirts with flats all the time. It's not worth the pain to be "fashionable."

  3. Yes I wear sling backs with hosiery. Try a pair of 1 inch kitten heels. The type Michelle Obama has made popular again. It will give that heel look but will be comfortable because there isn't any height. Sorry you're in pain!

  4. I wear Danskos all the time with dresses and skirts...any of those would be welcome in my shoe hoard...I mean closet! Lately I have just been wearing flats with pretty much everything as my back has been hurting...the joys of getting older!

  5. Sorry to hear that you are struggling with an injury. Continue wearing shoes that are comfortable and minimize the pain - you'll be back in heels soon.

  6. I wear pointy toe flats and hose with my dresses. I had to give up wearing heels due to balance issues and my feet just hurt! A cute dress and pair of flats looks great together!

  7. I can sympathize. I cannot wear heels either. There is nothing wrong with wearing a cute flat shoe or one with a slight wedge with both dresses and skirts. I have a cute pair of pointy toe sling backs that are dressy, and work with slacks and dresses/skirts. I've never been able to wear danskos. I bought a pair recently but have only worn them a few minutes at a time around the house, but I would wear whatever shoe works well for my particular challenges. I love a kitten heel look, but they don't work for me at all. I find the Orthoheel brand pretty amazing, and around the house I wear a sandal that I love, the brand is Kenkoh. I never go barefoot, even in the house. As far as pantyhose, I so rarely wear them - living in Florida... But again, I would do what ever works! Good luck!

  8. I haven't been able to wear heels for years, after wearing them 7 days a week for more than 20 years. It was a big adjustment. Now I wear either nice flats or for more casual times, loafers. Both work with and without hose.
    Hope your injury gets better. Mine is going to require knee replacement.

  9. I do not wear hose with sling backs or peeps unless it is insanely cold, as it was for the gala in February.

    Kitten heels are in style right now. I've found some by MIA that are fair enough (6pm), and I am warming up to flats.

  10. I wear ballerina flats when I can't wear heels. They're just like being barefoot, which is good for my back.

    And as long as you wear sheer toe hose, I see no problem with hose with slingbacks. With peep toes, you have to adjust the seam so it's hidden to make yourself feel right, but, then again, most people don't study your toes that closely.

  11. When I was working I wore hose with sling backs. I never wore heels without hose. I think it makes my legs look better and tanner.

    I can't wear heels now or ever again. I have Freiberg's disease which causes the joints in my feet to disintegrate. It's extremely painful and I can't put pressure on my toes. I love heels, but you do what you have to do.

  12. I'm biased as I love Danskos. For the same reason as you really... they're the only shoes I've ever worn that don't hurt my feet and knees.
    Yes, they're a little "clunky" because of the heavier sole (although I really like the feminine look of the first and last pair). But as much as I love the look of pointy toes, high heels and corseted waists, and as much as I ignored the good advice when I was young and invulnerable... It is NOT worth the pain.
    I wish I'd learned that lesson before the damaged knees, ankles, plantar, back, etc.

  13. Sling-backs with hosiery is a yes for me. I really like the look of the Danskos you have posted, but I'm biased in favor of that look, just because it reminds me of what a lot of shoes looked like when I was a teen in the 1990's. Sally at alreadypretty.com has some past posts addressing questions about footwear for situations like yours. barkingdogshoes.com is a site dedicated to footwear for fussy feet with lots of info/suggestions for brands and such that might have some ideas too. I'd be just as careful about wearing shoes that are too flat as you are about wearing heels since a lot of very flat shoes provide practically no foot support and thus will mess with your posture. Even though you didn't ask, I feel morally obligated to mention that some physical therapists (with your doc's permission) can work on stretching/strengthening exercises to support healing from sports injuries and if your insurance is inadequate to cover PT, some physical therapists, especially those practicing independently rather than in a hospital system, are willing to work out deep discounts for persons paying cash instead of billing insurance.

  14. So sorry you are having some pain!!!!! I wore heels to zach's graduation Saturday, nearly killed myself and could barely walk in them. I need heels that are not kitten heels. I need more stability with a heel like the ones you've shown today.

    I have to say we only wear scrubs at work and I wear Open back clogs exclusively. They make my legs feel great. Any other shoe and IM in pain......suffice to say we are on our FEET much of the shift.

    But I dont see you wearing clogs with dresses.. so i am no help!! sorry

  15. Well I like all of your choices but with skirts, probably just the first pair. Really, I'm no help - now that it's summer (sort of) I wear skirts most days but will NOT wear hose unless I must (basically only a church event or if it's winter !) so shoes are ballet flats and sandals - my workplace is not so strict so this works nicely for me. I hope the pain eases soon

  16. Sorry you are hurting, G!

    Love that first pair and can definitely see them with a skirt / dress. I rarely wear panty hose but I would definitely wear with sling backs.

  17. Oh bummer!!! I'm sorry to hear about your muscle pull/soreness. I'm finding that I have to be careful about my knees because of all the hiking I do and they ache sometimes so I make sure to wear good shoes with an insert to help cushion against the impact. This summer I'm wearing my very first pair of Danskos and I love love love them :))) Here's a link to the pair I have:https://www.google.com/shopping/product/6133944870089939503?q=danskos&sa=X&ei=cfrNUbT5HObpiwLkm4CoDw&ved=0COMBEL8TMAw


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