March 27, 2013

Simplicity 1699 Remake

Okay - so I was tired and these were taken at the end of a long day.  No make-up because I'd come from the dentist and really there is just no point. 

This dress was made several weeks ago already and honestly, I'm not thrilled with the fit in the upper chest.  That being said, it looks fine, wears well and doesn't gap.  And I got tons of "you look great' yesterday as opposed to "Wow!  Great dress." comments. 

The fabric is the same but different as the fabric used last year in this dress.  Hmmm, I even paired it with the same red cardigan, but different shoes. 

This time the pattern is Simplicity 1699 and this is the second time I've made the dress.  It's comfortable and easy to wear.  However, as drafted the neckline is high, very high!  I felt like I was going to choke - high.  The neckline is from Simplicity 2648 - one of their Amazing Fit Dresses. 

JB is getting so much better about taking photos.  I was done after the first few, but he made me take the cardigan off so he could get shots of the back and then fixed the one side because it had static.  But I can see there is still some static that he missed.

I like the belt - it encourages me to hold my stomach in and stand up straight.  However, this belt is a bit too big.  I need to have JB add a new hole or two.  This is not a bad thing. 

Anyway - this dress is comfortable and easy to wear.  While it might be too casual for my new position it will get worn.  I love throwing a dress on during the weekend and packing them when we go on vacation.  So - it was sewing time well spent. 


  1. Great-looking dress and you look fabulous in it!

  2. You do look great in your dress. I like the neckline changes, too. Great job.

  3. That last photo looks like your wonderful hubby is the photographer, and I think that with the right shoes, cardi and accessories - pearls - you could wear that dress to the new job on a non-suit-required day.

  4. Love the fabric choice, and the style seems like such a practical one! It would look good with a blazer style jacket if you wanted, but it looks pretty stylish as it is too.

  5. I like it! I think the belt really finishes the dress, and I like the neckline on it. It might work well with a blazer for your next job, too (just a thought).

  6. Very pretty ! Definitely time well-spent :-)

  7. The dress looks nice on you - even if you are not completely happy with it. Sounds like JB has found his inner photographer and is really getting into the job.

  8. Totally loving the last shot- you look like a fancy model with the cardi over the shoulder! And the fabric is super cute :D


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