March 13, 2013

Kathy Shares!

Somebody, somewhere posted a link to Kathy Sews which I clicked on.  Then I followed her, added her to my favorites (because I'm old school like that) and added her to my sidebar.
Last month - Kathy hosted a Pattern Pyramid - I played along, even though I won once, because I believe this one originated somewhere else.  I don't know for sure, because I didn't follow the links back - bad me.  There were 2 patterns that I really wanted in her pyramid.  But go to the link on her post because I took horrible photos. 
Anyway - Monday was a difficult day for me and when I got home - this lovely brown paper package was on my front porch.  Look how cute it is?  She stamped around my name and address.  The back?  Super cute!  Enjoy!  You bet I will. 
So here's everything that was in the package.  I will host a new pattern pyramid next week when I've had a chance to figure out what to add.  I need to add at least one pattern, because I'm keeping 2.
 Which 2 you ask?  The 1969 Simplicity Dress and the Butterick Dress. 

Kathy - thank you!  This was just the happy I needed on Monday - now, I'm off to make a new dress!


  1. That is just wonderful.> How thoughtful and perfect

  2. Oohh, how fun is that! Look forward to the pyramid giveaway next week and seeing what you r making :)

  3. What's a pattern pyramid and how does it work?

    And congrats! I'm glad you got a pretty pick-me-up when you needed it.

  4. Yaaaah!! I am so glad the package found you and helped cheer you up a bit :) I'm so curious to see what you make. I love the sewing blogosphere! I wish I could send everyone a little sewing supply parcel every week!!

  5. How exciting! Receiving parcels is such a joy and you now get to pass more joy onto others! You're so efficient - chosen your keepers already too. Of course!

  6. How nice to get a surprise package when you need it most.


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