March 14, 2013

Dog on Thursday

apparently, I only have one dog. 
Not true - I still have 2 but Abby doesn't do much but sleep.
Not that I've shown Beau do anything else lately.
10 days ago or so, I found a lump on Beau.
It was successfully removed with clean margins.
He has to wear a shirt to keep it clean and keep him to scratching while it heals.
He's taken over my loveseat - as you can tell - he uses the whole thing.

It's also Thankful Thursday, what are you thankful for today?
I'm thankful for:
*Spring*back up sewing machines*coffee*
*cake for breakfast*knitting*new babies*
*green*friends*Maroon 5*
Happy Pie Day!  3.14


  1. I love beau, and i love that loveseat...what a perfect pic! he is just so stinkin' sweet.

  2. Sebastian has claimed one end of the sofa and only grumbles a little when asked to move.

    Is the sewing machine home yet?

  3. Your first line gave me a bit of a heart stopping moment, since I knew about his surgery (and I know how Abby is). So glad he is doing OK and I'm hoping his follow-up report is equally excellent. I love watching bassets sleep and still miss it.

  4. Looks like your darling Beau is in the best place for healing!
    Thankful Thursday - hmm, I'm thankful for crisp, clean air, orange juice, and paracetamol.
    P.S. CAN NOT believe you got to eat cake for breakfast!!! You must have really needed it!!! Good on you - so decadent and devilish - I like that!

  5. Beau looks pretty good in that shirt - quite handsome.

  6. Oh, Beau, you wear your shirt well. So glad your scare wasn't more serious. And congrats on your Pattern Pyramid win! I know little things mean so much more on difficult days.

  7. Give Beau some love for me. That dog makes me smile whenever I see pictures of him. :) Still think you need to get him a stylin' tee. Maybe a Jimmy Buffett shirt?

  8. What a beautiful dog - I do hope he is okay, but I think you love him lots and look after him well.

  9. Glad to hear Beau's procedure went well!! Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery for Beau! Cute picture!!

    I'm thankful for another sunny day in PDX, a computer that is back up and running, and a Starbucks' coupon for 50% off!! Have a great weekend!! :)

  10. That is an adorable pic! Glad to hear the lump was removed successfully!

  11. Poor Beau. Is he a chocolate lab? Makes me miss our Moses.


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