March 23, 2013


It's apparently the thing to do.  :\

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Edited:  Okay now the link works.  I'm also frustrated because I tried to take comment moderation off.  I like getting emails that I've got comments and that's not happening any more.  But - I'm starting a new job soon and I don't want my friends to feel ignored, but I don't have any idea that comments are being left, so.....

I'm putting comment moderation back on - but now strange word verification, just an email to me that you've commented.  That way I can reply and build that relationship.  Thanks for understanding.   g


  1. The link doesn't work.

    So you're going with Bloglovin, and it looks as though Susan is going with Feedly, and I haven't even started to figure it out yet.

  2. I can't get thru on the link and I'm not sure what you're talking about, but that's ok.

  3. Like Sue, I'm not sure about the Bloglovin thing; I just hope people will stop by. Or maybe I'll investigate Bloglovin further.

    But, congratulations on a new job! I hope you'll be a lot happier now; I know the current job has been very stressful for you. Will this one still have a shorter commute, or will it be like the previous job, where you had to ride the bus for an hour?

    Anyway, Happy Monday!

  4. I signed on to bloglovin yesterday. I generally read from my blogroll, but decided to check this out as an alternative.

    So far the biggest dislike is that you can't easily see who's following you. In blogger, if you click on a follower, you get to see if there is a blog link. On bloglovin, that's not necessarily the case. There are only links to a few of my followers, and so I can't check them out and follow them back. Seems weird.

    No help with your comments - I'm still getting them so I guess it's not a bloglovin problem. Hope you get it sorted to your satisfaction. It would help if these things were more intuitive (or if I was more internet-literate LOL)


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