February 22, 2013

Ohhh Beau

I missed Dogs on Thankful Thursday.
I really need to get that funny picture of me off the top of the blog.
This dog has my heart.
Today (a day late), I am thankful for:
*a very supportive husband
*the ability to create with my hands
*fabulous blog friends that I have met in real life (and those I haven't)
*dogs who don't care about the rules and flaunt them in your face
*rainy days off - they are cozy
What are you thankful for this Last Friday in February?


  1. I'm thankful for what you said... :)

  2. Thank ful I found Al a tea set for her birthday and JCPENNEY will wrap and ship it for me in time! reminds me of how she loved teasets as a little girl

  3. Thankful Thursday slash Friday: I'm thankful for a kind husband, thankful for a warm home, and thankful for good eyesight.

  4. On this last day in February I am thankful for ME...'cos it's my birthday!!!!!

  5. Haha! love this post. And dogs definitely don't care about rules. :)

  6. Beau knows you're a softie! Cute picture. Looks like you might even have had some sunshine that day!

  7. Gosh he's cute. And which photo do you think is so awful!?

  8. lol Love that picture of Beau. I'm thankful for a sweet hubby and goofy kids who make me laugh. :)

  9. I'm thankful it's March :)
    Hey... you won my Pattern Pyramid!!


    I couldn't find an email on your blog so I hope you see this. Email me with a mailing address and I will ship 'em off ASAP!


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