February 9, 2013


So, I know just about everyone who blogs *loves* comments, right?  They encourage us, inspire us and give the encouragement to go on and finish a project.  Our readers can help us through a difficult stage of a project with their comments. 

One of the things I enjoy most about blogging is the relationships I have built with the commenters.  That being said - often people who comment don't have a visible email address so you can reply.  I've set up the reply in my comments section.  But it seems weird to reply to some people via return email and other by a reply in the comments.  It also feels like the people who don't have a visible reply are being ignored - while that may or may not be the case. 

So - help a girl out here.  If you don't mind, please answer the following questions in the comments.  I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle comments and keep everyone happy. 

1.  Do you like getting a response from the blogger about the comment you left?
2.  Do you like checking back on a blog to see if you've heard anything?
3.  Are you feelings hurt if the blogger replies to some (most) of the comments, but not yours?
4.  Do you care if your comment is acknowledge?
5.  Do you comment to build relationships? 


  1. I really do like receiving comments on my blog - they're very encouraging and supportive.
    1.3.4.But as to other's blogs, I really don't mind if I've written on a person's blog and they don't reply underneath or don't acknowledge it. I'm sure they still appreciate the comments I leave.
    2.The only time I would go back and check the comments section is if I'd asked a question.
    5.Reasons for commenting? I mostly comment on things that I enjoyed reading or am personally interested in, and I want to let them know that their effort is appreciated by me.

  2. I enjoy receiving comments on my blog and try my best to respond to all those whose comments come to me with a contact email.

    When I leave a comment on a blog, I look forward to the blogger's response. I read too many blogs to go back to each one to see if a reply was given, which is why I prefer to receive a response via email. Honestly, I comment more when the blogger responds to my comments.

    It is frustrating for me to have comments on my blog with no return email; thus, no way of responding and thanking the commenter.

  3. 1.Something along the lines of 'thanks' really isn't necessary; what makes me smile is when I get an actual response to the specific comment. But...not every comment prompts a response, and I don't expect someone to respond to a comment just because it's there.
    2. I will check back on some things...if I put a lot of thought into the comment or if I asked a question. But that's the exception. Like Nancy, I've got too many blogs that I follow to try and keep track of every single comment.
    3. For folks who have bazillions of comments, expecting a response to all of them would just not be realistic...
    4. See number 1.
    5. Yes and no. Sometimes I just comment to let someone know their work was appreciated; but that can be a seed of a relationship, so...in a way, it is true. If I have a comment - conversation - relationship with a blogger, I am not likely to unsubscribe even when the blogger posts non-sewing content that, well, makes me cringe a bit. If I have no such relationship, the unsubscribe button gets used. But there are times when a blogger writes a post that resounds with me and I will write a comment sharing that, hoping to initiate a connection based on common ground. Sometimes that will get a response...usually, though, it doesn't. And I remind myself that everyone's busy...

    Having said all of that, though, I have to admit that I don't comment often. My blog reading mostly happens through Google Reader and to leave a comment I have to click through a couple of times. So if I do click through, I really was inspired.

    I don't get lots of comments on my blogs; probably because I don't leave lots of comments on other blogs. Not that I don't want to ...it's just that time thing....so I tend not to expect too much of others in my own comments.

    I did remove the capcha from my blogs to see if that increased comments; so far, the only comments that have increased are the spammers...maybe the capcha isn't as much of a comment deterrent as I have heard.

  4. I'm with Nancy - I seldom go back and check to see if a blogger has posted a reply comment to mine, but I do appreciate an email if I have asked a question. Between Google Reader and my iPhone, it actually takes quite a bit of work to leave a comment, particularly if a blog has the captcha verification turned on, so I seldom leave comments anymore, which is too bad. If it were possible to leave comments in Reader, I think I would be more inclined. I'm glad that Instagram and Twitter have made it easier to interact with fellow sewing peeps. :)

  5. ah, making me think today :-) I've thought about this for my own blog and haven't really come up with what feels like a good way of handling them. Sometimes I feel a little guilty if I don't response indiviually.

    1/2/4 If I've asked a question I do appreciate if i get an answer. Sometimes a comment is just that though and doesn't actually need a response. I don't usually check back unless I've asked a question, it's hard enough to keep up with my blog reading as it is LOL

    3. No it doesn't bother me. Even if I've asked a question, the person isn't obligated to answer and we're all busy, so I don't take it personally.

    5. Well I had a hard time when I started to comment - I mean really ! "talking to people who don't know me !" I felt like I was walking into their house or something. LOL So no, I wasn't expecting to cultivate relationships. But I did ! Now while I don't 'expect' a follow-up, I look forward to every comment I get, both comments on my own blog and followup conversations to my comments.

  6. I enjoy reading comments that people leave on my blog, whether it is encouragement, or offering advice - its like a little informal chat happening. I also look forward to these comments and enjoy seeing who in different parts of the world is reading my blog.

    I rarely check back to see if my comment has been answered - too busy looking at new posts.

    When I have free time (ha, ha) I will reply individually to comments on my post. But if the comment left is something like 'Cute' or 'Nice' it is hard to comment back - it often feels like you are 'talking' for the sake of talking...

    If the post I am reading has hundreds of followers, then I wonder if my comment even gets read!!!! But on smaller blogs I do think the owners appreciate a little pat-on-the-back for their effort.

    Basically, I like reading comments left on my blog, and I like making a comment on other peoples blogs...J

  7. Good question. I have been thinking about this very question for some time as I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting comments - I mean if you didn't you wouldn't make your blog public or enable comments on your blog, but I rarely reply to a comment left.

    And this has left me struggling as there are bloggers who kindly reply to each comment.

    I only check back on blogs where I know the person always replies.

    Personally - I only reply myself when someone has asked a question or made some statement that I feel really needs a reply. Sometimes I will stop by their blog and leave the answer rather than reply in my comment section.

    Time is valuable to us all and I would much rather spend it looking through other people's blogs and commenting on their work than responding to comments on my blog. I am sure that every blogger knows that comments are appreciated.

    The reason I leave a comment is that I really appreciate the work people do and the fact that they share it with others. This helps us all to learn and gives us inspiration. I honestly don't know how I would have managed to learn what I have over this year without the many blogs I read.

    I don't expect a reply unless I have asked a question.

    Hope that helps.

  8. I love getting comments, and I like to comment on things people say or have done. Especially when someone has become a friend, like you, I enjoy acknowledging the effort you've put into something, or cheering for you just having fun somewhere. And I like it when you email responses, if there's something to say. I don't comment on everything I ever read, because that would take up so much time, and I do like to respond to people who make comments to me, if they have an email address and if it seems appropriate. I also seldom go back to see a reply comment from a previous post, because time does march on, right? Hope you're having a good and productive weekend, and I hope you'll make another dress and jacket outfit like this one, perhaps in a more "interesting" fabric. And hooray for Carolyn's inspirations! She really is genius in her interpretations!

  9. I adore getting comments on my own blog. I tend to be rather "moody" as far as responding to them though. I'm rather moody with leaving comments on other people's blogs too. If I'm in the mood to leave a comment, I will. If I'm in the mood to check back and see if they responded or to continue reading comments others have left, I will, but I'm not offended if they don't respond to my comment. If I've asked a question, I'm more inclined to check back expecting a response. If I left comments on someone's blog, and I see that they have a pattern of responding to other people, but never to me, then I might start to wonder if I should be offended, but I haven't had that happen. I guess I comment partly for the engagement factor, but I'm more than happy if the engagement happens via the person whose blog I'm commenting on taking time (if they have it) to check out what I'm writing on my blog and leave a comment there rather than them saying "thank you" to each comment I leave on theirs, but never engaging me back on mine. I don't expect each person I follow to follow me back, but I do feel more connected with those who do.

  10. This one took some thought. My first year of blogging I had only one reader and she occasionally left me a comment. I was thrilled the first time I had three comments on one post. I read each and every comment and if time allows I reply. It's much easier when I can just reply to sender and not have to look up an email address and I'm more apt to reply in those cases. If circumstances allow I will send an email.

    I almost never go back to check for a reply on the comment page of someone's post, mainly because I forget and there are so many blogs to read.

    I try to comment on other people's posts but on things like "wordless Wednesday" I figure if they don't have to write anything, then I don't need to leave a comment.

    With new bloggers I'll go out of my way to leave a comment because I remember how it felt to post for months with no response.

  11. Great post and wonderful answers.

    In random order...

    I never go back and check a blog to see if someone commented on my comment. I don't subscribe to comments either, because my inbox is deep enough as it is.

    I do love replies, even just a "thanks" but try to do more than that, especially with new(er) commenters I don't know. I acknowledge almost every comment, if there's a valid email address. Those of you with whom I have a "real" relationship sometimes don't get a separate comment reply but I try to mention that I've seen your comment and share any relevant thoughts.

    I also don't always comment. Some days life gets in the way and I can only comment on a few blogs, so both the blogger and the post have to really speak to me on those days.

    Life's too short for hurt feelings. Just as in person, some people click and some don't, or some click faster than others, I understand some bloggers and commenters will connect and some won't. That being said, it does make my day to exchange an email or two with a new commenter, or a blogger I don't already chat with regularly.

    Was that everything? I think in my general, round-about-way, I answered everything.

  12. Um, hmmmm.

    I love to read blogs. I leave comments because I think we all love them. If a blogger never comments on my blog, or does so rarely after I've commented on hers for a good long while...I just lurk.
    We all have time issues. I think what goes around comes around.

    I dont need to have a response in my email from any blogger. I consider their efforts were to post.
    SOmetimes I respond to comments in my comments. That's the only way I do so. Is this not blog etiquette?? I will learn soon from your fellow blog friends comments.

    Thanks for all your comments

  13. 1. yes, it's nice esp. if i asked a question
    2. sometimes. if i remember that i asked a question or if i know the blogger usually responds, i'll check back
    3. not really, people are busy
    4. it's nice, but some people receive tons of comments, so i don't care if they don't acknowledge everything
    5. yes, there are people who comment a lot and i look forward to seeing what they'll say

    I try to comment back to most all of the comments i receive, and i pretty much start following everyone who comments. i have mine set to where i have to approve all comments before they publish that way i'm sure to read them all and i can delete all the spam. and one other thing, often i can't get disqus to load when i'm at home, so if anyone uses that, i'm sad that most of the time i can't comment on their blogs.

  14. This is such a great post topic! Not only that, but the commenters are informative!

    You know my answers probably already, but I love to get comments on my own blog, I put so much into each post that it helps to see that someone is actually reading it!
    I love getting responses, but I am so busy and often don't get around to sending my own responses to commenters that I understand if I don't get them.
    I like to build relationships with other bloggers in all genres, but I know that this isn't everyone's intent, and that some bloggers just aren't going to add up to a friendship--that is fine.

    I don't go back to see if the blogger has replied, I am soo busy, that I feel if I've had time to actually read your posts, AND comment, that is enough! But then again it is nice to be acknowledged...

    Good food for thought.

  15. Comments & replies are great. I don't expect a reply to my comment unless I ask a specific question


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