December 3, 2012

Birthday Girl

 Abigail Jane
13 years old now.
She claims not to like Beau.
But, now that there are only 2,
she lays on his bed most of the time.
Silly girl!  


  1. Happy birthday Dame Abby-doo! Love that photo of the two of them snuggling...

  2. awwww Happy Birthday to her! Such a sweet gal. Is 13 old for them?

  3. That's a nice picture of Abby, but the picture of her with Beau really made me smile. Happy Birthday, silly girl! We all know you like your pack-mate!

  4. What a pair!!! She's so lovely in her older years.....
    BEau is a beauty too

  5. Happy birthday Abs. Morgan says being 13 isn't so bad. Dad brings her treats to her instead of making her walk to him.
    Morgan, Sebastian and the Porties

  6. sorry I'm late - happy birthday Abby-girl !

    Alex doesn't like Skippy either - or so she says (she does like his bed !) LOL


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