April 12, 2012

Sweet Girl

Miss Lucy is the sweetest dog.
The other night she felt like she wasn't getting enough loves.
So, she went and 'held hands' with JB to get his attention.
it worked.  They were both happy.


  1. Lucy-fur!!! You're a doll. Both bassets in the woods like(d) to hold hands. Sissy does it to one of us or the other just about daily.

  2. Awwww....that is just the most darling picture (although I'm sure JB doesn't like to be in the same sentence as "darling").

  3. Sweet photo! Lola does the same thing... Sophie on the other hand WHACKS you if you're not paying enough attention! :)

  4. Cute picture - Alex stares you down til you pay attention - Skippy smacks you (he used to be so shy and easy-going LOL) !

  5. What a sweet girl, your darling Lucy even looked at the camera.

    When my old Zebby Cat "holds hands" it is more "the clawed paw of ownership", but that's cats for you!

  6. Pssst... I shared an award with you!

  7. Micro claws at my legs. Or head butts me till I pay him attention. Lucy's way is much sweeter. lol

  8. Love love love :D.
    Mr. B head butts and trust me it hurts...


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