April 30, 2012


Recently we were able to spend a little time in Portland, Oregon.

We walked through the Rose Garden.
It's a bit early for the roses, but this tree was in full flower.
I'm not much of a gardner, so not sure what it is.

Then we met up with Mary and wandered through
the Japanese Gardens.

Finally - Mary and I played Dueling Cameras!
The weather was fabulous and we had a wonderful day.

thanks guys!


  1. Beautiful setting. One of our former League members moved to Portland 11 months ago. Miss her lots!

  2. Rob says Oregon is beautiful. Maybe someday I'll get to the Northwest. I think I'd love it.

  3. If you have never seen the Rose Garden in bloom, plan another trip because it is gorgeous!

  4. What a lovely place! I've been to California, but have always wanted to see Washington state.

  5. What a lovely garden! It's nice that you had blue sky when you were visiting.

  6. Gorgeous images. Crisp and delightful

  7. Oh my goodness...that picture of the waterfall is gorgeous! Glad you had a good meet up.

  8. Ive always wanted to go to oregon, looks beautiful and im glad you had a fun time!


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