April 16, 2012

Baby Sarah

I have a friend I've known since 5th grade! We aren't going to discuss how long I've been out of high school.  Just know that we've know each other for a very long time.  We were at each other's weddings and we've watched the kids grow up.  Remember this bride?  That's my friend's daughter.  This is her newest daughter.  She's 2 months old and the sweetest little baby.

I very quickly made her baby blanket.
It's fleece, with embroidery.

Welcome Sarah Elizabeth.


  1. Cutie. Jaybird looks like a good baby guy too.

  2. Ooooh, baby Sarah came with the full hair option. She's a beauty. I'm sure she will love her blanket to pieces - literally! Baby blankets are always my favorite gifts to give, too.

  3. She's adorably. Love me a head full of baby hair and I also love a baldy baby!!
    Great baby gift

  4. aaaawwwww...an adorable baby and the blankey is just as cute.

  5. She's precious :) Lovely welcoming gift ~

  6. Look at all that hair! Sarah is truly a beautiful baby.

    Love the blanket.

  7. Me too. I love babies with lots of hair. She's really cute and nice job on the blankie.

  8. awwww she is so sweet and I love her name!


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