June 20, 2011

utilitarian sewing

Do you do it? I hate it. Hate!
I'm happy to make something from new flat fabric.
But - need a dress altered? Pants hemmed?
Take them to the dry cleaners, please.

JB had 3 relatively new pairs of jeans.
They were too long.  Enough too long that he was folding them up.
So - since I was Father's Day I finally hemmed them.
I really wanted to finish the dress I've been working on.

I don't even have proper Jeans thread.
He won't care, he's just happy to have pants that aren't too long.
So - do you do utilitarian sewing?


  1. Oh, you're a good wife! I do DO this kind of sewing, but like you, I don't do it willingly. I hate when hubs brings me something that 'should be easy" to fix...grr...how would he know what is 'easy' re sewing?

  2. Does sewing buttons back on count? If so, yeah.

  3. I hate it, too. I'd rather make a whole outfit from scratch than hem a skirt or pants. I usually let it pile up, then do it all at once. Rob does his own buttons.

  4. I have spent the last 4 weekends - or parts of them, anyway - cleaning out my closets. I took 2 dresses, chopped them up and turned them into tops. I repaired a few hems. I hated every minute of it. I always have to hem my dearly beloved's jeans, because he needs 35" inseam, not the readily available 34" or 36". I guess the consensus here is "We all hate utilitarian sewing!"

  5. It is something I struggle with most of the time. At this writing I've a small pile waiting for me to do of my mothers. I've turned into her private seamstress,and she never runs out of clothing to shorten,etc.
    Having never sewn a button, she says "Oh just zip,zip and it's done,what's the big deal"? I've got mother issues , Lol. ;)

  6. i do...but not often enough. I really have a stockpile going though, so should just take them to a seamstress.
    LOL chan about the buttons....sometimes i am good about sewing them on...sometimes not!

  7. That's about the only type of sewing I can do. lol And not well, at that.

  8. ick, I do it for a select few (DH and 2 friends) always pant hemming and no, I don't like it either (but I'm certainly not paying for someone else to do it, at least in DH's case !)


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