June 8, 2011

Same Ol' Same Ol'

What is that old Orville Reddenbacher saying?   Something about finding something you're good at and doing it over and over?

Don't know what I was doing with my face or my hair, but these were taken late last night.  I had worn the outfit all day and am looking wrinkled.  But that's okay.

The skirt fabric is a printed linen blend.  The pattern is Simplicity 2475 which I have made several times since working through the fitting. 

This version has absolutely nothing interesting about it - except the fabric.  I did use bias tape to finish the lower edge of the facing and the hem.  And I stitched them down with a decorative stitch from my machine.  But - since I was wearing it you don't get pictures.

There is no kick pleats, vents, or anything else to add walking ease, but you know what?  I don't really need it. 

My shoes?  Adorable dr. scholl's.  I now want a handbag this color.  There are a little bit tight around my right litte toe, but the more I wear them the more comfortable they get. 

And in the interest of full disclosure - I'll share the back view JB decided was necessary as I went back in the house.  UGH.  Just when I start feel like I'm looking good.....

Parting Shot:  Poppies.  JB took this photo while we were on Friday Harbor.


  1. Sweetie, I'm sure that angle looked good to JB, but no one takes shots like that. My back shots are always posed to no end and I take like a dozen before I post one!

    The close-up of your shoes allowed me to see the fabric close-up and I like!

  2. Hon, hips are beautiful. I should know, because if not for the illusion of a small waist, I don't really have hips!!

  3. What a cute outfit!!! You are so lucky to be able to sew such nice skirts.

    I wouldn't worry about the other shot. It was terrible lighting and no body looks their best from that angle.

  4. That skirt is wonderful! I love the pattern and the color is perfect for you!

  5. The fabric looks cool-both design-wise and temperature-wise. Taking photos after wearing it all day, well, that's real life and we all know life can get a bit wrinkly and at least in my case, seldom resembles a fashion shoot. Looks like you got a good fit too.

  6. It looks nice & summery! I love bias tape hems as well, they are *so* fast & simple to do :)

  7. Lovely skirt...gotta love JB!!! I don't even ask Tom anymore! :)

  8. You're right! Cute shoes. Tail shots are for the birds...tell the Mr. I said so. :-)

  9. This skirt has a great line - it doesn't need a kick-pleat at the back at all - and the fabric is lovely. Pretty shoes and a beautiful woman - because you are, you know.

    Sending care and huggles, Michelle and a patiently waiting/snoozzling Zebby Cat

    (waiting for His human to come to bed to be His living hotwater bottle for the night)

  10. You look very 'put together'. Nice! I like those little shoes. I have a pair of Scholls sandals that are so comfy. I'll have to look for some more of his shoes.

  11. What is it with hubsters and their butt shots? Mine always manages to sneak one of those in there when he has the camera. lol

  12. Nice outfit.

    Why oh why do men insist on a backside view? ;)

  13. I love the shoes! They are way cuter than you described! And how do I order a print of those poppies? They look AMAZING!


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