June 30, 2011

New Dogs

No, I didn't get any new puppies - sillies!
I just finally took some new pictures of the ones I have.

Beauregard James - he was quite upset with me.  He wanted to get up and I wanted him to stay.
He loves this bed that's in the bay window and will often stare Lucy down until she moves.

Lucy's favorite bed is the tiny little fleece crate pad that I made.   It's half her size.
But she curls up on it.  She was waggling her eyebrows at me - waiting for me to be done taking pics.
And finally - Abigail Jane.  I joked that this year when I brushed her - I brushed all the red right out of her.
Doesn't she look like a fat baby seal?  Poor old girl.

Happy Dogs on Thursday!


  1. So cute. I was amazed at how expressive Sissy's left eyebrow was, even immediately after surgery.

    Poor Abby-doo. No respect. ;)

  2. Those are really nice photos. I love how the big dogs sleep on little crate pads and the little dog gets the big bed. Same at our house.

  3. You can tell a lot about the owner by looking at their dogs and I can tell you are a very hang loose and relaxed family ~ so lovely seeing them all snoozing and at peace with the world! Have a great 4th :)

  4. We haven't seen our friends the houndies in a while. Nice pictures. Thor won't sleep on a pad or pillow; it's kind of funny!

  5. Good lookin' pups. Thanks for sharing them :)

    In our house the big dog bed is for the cats and the little one is for the dog, if there isn't a cat in it first.

  6. Love the new photos of the babies!

  7. Getting photos of the pets isn't all that easy these days. My Misty has taken to running and hiding when I pull out the camera...your's all look patient with you. Sure mom, whatever. Get on with it. :-)

  8. OMG...adorable...she does look like a fat baby seal!! so sweet, your houndies!

  9. Great pictures. : ) Looks like a nice relaxing day in the GMarie house.


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