June 13, 2011


Once again I was suckered in by a pretty picture on the pattern envelope.  I also saw a fabulous sample of this dress in Fabric Depot when I was there in March.  I had to have it!  I had to make it! 

The dress is Monique from Sew Serendipity.  I adore the way Kay Whitt combines fabrics into a single garment.  I love the silhouettes she uses.

I will say - this dress is just a smidge too large for me through the bodice and the fabric I used is too heavy for the style.  I used an Amy Butler print that was in the cupboard.  I didn't have a coordinating print to break it up - but it was a muslin. I am hoping it will soften up with washing. 

I am thrilled with the pattern alterations I made to this - I lowered the bust dart by an inch.  I also moved the dart from the waist to the bust toward the side by about half an inch.  With the exception of being just a smidge too large - the fit of the bodice is perfect.

Rather than using the facings - I used bias tape on the neckline and armholes.  I turned the bias tape to the inside leaving it to just peak out at the edges - like piping. 

Verdict - I will make it once more in a thinner, more drapy cotton before I decide. 


  1. Thanks for the review Gaylen. Somehow I thought the waist was a little lower from the picture. Guess I will need to muslin it too before I use "the good stuff"!

  2. Love the dark red "shadow" in the foreground.

    And the fabric. What do I know of fit?!

  3. I like it! I think it works well in all one fabric, too. Looking forward to seeing your next version of this pattern.

  4. Nice style and I like that print. It would need a light fabric though. It looks really good on you so be sure to try it again.

  5. Your alterations worked well - your dress looks very pretty on you.

  6. I think a more drapey fabric would be just the thing for this dress! It's a nice silhouette. I also like your flowering shrubs and your friend, who was leaving the picture!

  7. Like this dress style and the print you chose is nice. Thanks for the review. May have to look into this pattern.

  8. I like it! I really love the print too. :)


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