August 6, 2010

Thankful - Friday?

Doesn't quite have the same ring - does it?
Oh well - this was my idea and now it's time to follow through.
Even if I have to do it on a different day.
    • cooking - I don't love to do it, but I love cookbooks and putting a nice meal together.  I especially enjoy getting in the kitchen when we haven't been home alot.  It just settles me.
    • JB cleaning the kitchen after I cook.  I'm not the neatest cook in the world.
    • The ability to craft and caring people who support my hobbies.
    • Miss D - who let's me vent and does the same when needed.
    • My Velveteen Friends - they are the best, I can ask for something special and know it will be received.
    • My dogs - all 4 of them.  Dudley has left a hole but it's okay.  His rock is on the counter and I pet it often.


  1. I'm glad to hear you include Dudley in the count. Bentley and Monty and Lucy and Py are all very much alive in my heart and my memories and always will be.

  2. I talk to my boy-dogs every day. When I leave the house, I ask them to keep an eye on their sisters and the house. When I pass the spot where Mugsy and I went upside down on the black ice, I tell both boys I miss them.

  3. Lots to be thankful for! I WISH I had someone who cleaned up the kitchen after me :))))

    I know how you felt when you opened the package from the vet. Mementos tend to have the same effect on me.

  4. Now you've got me planning dinner...

  5. Right back at ya', sister! Not that we have that much to vent about, right?
    I find it funny that the vent of a hen is where the "manure" and eggs exit. Kind of like us - sometimes it's poop, sometimes it's not.
    Love you!
    Anon Miss D

  6. I love that you've found a special place for Dudley's rock. My dearly beloved cleans the dinner dishes for me, although he's sorta clueless with pans...

  7. <3 this is a good exercise, isn't it?
    and like other forms of exercise, it can be sporadic at times but it's always, always good.
    sending love...


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