August 17, 2010

Not Very Clear

Should be Easy - Right?
Hmmm – apparently, I wasn’t very clear. Which doesn’t surprise me in the least. My brain doesn’t seem to be functioning at full capacity these days. It’s very frustrating.

Anyway – when JB bought me the “Fitting DVD’s” he also added the book – Easy Guide to Sewing by Marci Tilton and Lynne MacIntyre. I also have the Easy Guides for Linings, and Skirts.

So far, I have just glanced through this book. First my focus is on getting a well fitting straight skirt. Don’t know why I’m so fixated on this – but I am, so I should probably just roll with it, Right?

Anyway – at the beginning of each section of this book they have the body styles defined. It’s interesting to me that in one section I might be a pear, but in another I’m a triangle. Both are basically the same – larger lower half, with a slender upper body. I’m luck in that I have very broad, square shoulders to help balance the hips.

This past week-end it just really dawned on me that I slump. All the time – at the computer at work, in the chair and even when I’m standing. My back is rounded and my tummy is pushed forward. Not just relaxed – but pushed forward. So this week my focus is on keeping my shoulders back, sitting up straight and keeping that tummy where it belongs. It will be a long road – I’m sure. But if you see me – remind me to stand (or sit) up straight. I’ve asked JB for help too!


  1. In one of my craft catalogs I've seen a back support to wear while you're sewing or computing or whatever that keeps you from slouching. Maybe something like that would help.

  2. I need to learn to sit better at work as well.... my back has been aching!

  3. I didn't realize a gift giving occasion had arrived! I stand up stick straight all the time. I fight with my girls, especially Kellie, because they don't. I'll scold you, too, if you'd like: "Are you sitting up straight? Shoulders back, head up, tummy in, bust out!"

    There, don't you feel better?

  4. Marjie can scold both of us ! With all the trouble I have with my back, I've got a pile of stretches and exercises to do on top of working on POSTURE ! and I don't do what I should :-(
    How long to fix 45 years of slouching, do you think ?

  5. Another thing Marjie and I have in common... great posture!

    Now I'm confused though... what weren't you clear about?


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