August 16, 2010

Improving Skillls

A week or so ago (probably longer in reality), I got an email from Threads.  Not that big of a deal - I get them all the time.  I keep seeing the fitting DVD Series - and I want it.  It's time to up the ante and sew the wardrobe I want.  Not settle on the one I have.  However - I have never wanted to spend the $99 they want for it through the Taunton store , so I sent the email to JB and told him I'd love to have the fitting DVD when there was next a gift giving event.
Threads Fitting DVD Series

So far, I haven't done much more than glance through the book and take an honest look at my body in an attempt to figure out (honestly) what fitting alterations I need.  Apparently, from the waist down - I'm all sorts of protruding!  Bottom, thighs, and hips.  But I'm also short in the back waist length.  However, now I'm not too sure about whether I have a true swayback or just a protruding derriere. 

I guess this is why they make muslin, right? 


  1. Have you ever tried a dressmakers mannequin? I always thought that would be easier than trying an item on and twisting to look over my shoulder at the back. If it fit you exactly, it should be easy to fit to it.

  2. Baby got back... There are all kinds of songs out there describing my back-view. Hem. Good luck...

  3. Thanks for passing that protruding derriere to me! lol

    And to Miss Channon, it's actually Mama got back!....Baby too though..

  4. So, did you buy the book? How is it? I've thought about a mannequin, but don't know where I'd put it. Funny thing to say in a house this size, right?

  5. It's only fitting that you should get that, with all the sewing you do.

  6. Um, yeah. Muslin is your friend. I keep telling you that, LOL.



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