August 30, 2010


Feeling a bit disjointed and out of sorts lately - lots going through my head so how about a very random blog post?  If you're interested read on:

~ Last week I got a random catalog in the mail, don't even remember what company it was.  What I do remember is they had Halloween costumes.  There was a lovely cape (ala Sherlock Holmes) for $180.  I decided I could make it and got McCalls 5764 to do so.  Now to find the right fabric.

~ Saturday, I was catching up on blogs and while reading Gertie, came across this post: We Live In Good Body.  It really touched a nerve with me.  I can't get the ideas and words out of my mind.

~ I spent hours cleaning up the studio and sorting through old magazines this past weekend - now what to do with them?  I think I'll probably donate them to the library.

~ There's more, but I'll leave you with that.   g


  1. That cape is cute! I made a floor length one a few years back when we went to Renaissance Faire (and it was COLD there - I so needed it!) and have worn it to run out now and again. Sometimes I get really funny looks, but sometimes teen and 20-some girls will come up to me and ask where I got it, because it's cool. Funny what people notice, isn't it?

  2. Random is good Gaylen. Thank you for highlighting Gertie's "Good Body" post. I have been a bit disjointed myself lately and have been just glossing over my blog reading and totally missed the kernel of that post. After re-reading it closer I need to reflect a bit on that myself. And that cape will look fabulous...can't wait to see your progress!

  3. Love the style of the cape!

    I agree, important words in the Good Body post, if only we all kept them a little closer to our hearts. It's too easy to forget.

  4. What they've all said. I liked the post, I'm about there too. Can't sew a lick, but make what you love and wear it with a jaunty step and enjoy!

  5. What sort of fabric are you considering for the cape? I think it'll be neat. I made one similar to it years ago and wore it for a very long time. I don't remember whatever happened to it, but most likely me sister stole it.

    I think it's a good idea to accept yourself and take good care of the body you have.

  6. I'm a bit out of sorts myself. I need the HEAT to go away for a while and I need school to not be kicking my a$$. All in good time. ;)

    I don't read Gertie anymore (that's for an email not a comment) but I'm curious about this one. I might have to check it out.

  7. Love the caplet ~ I hope you find just the right fabric!

    What a strange name for that sock color in your previous post. It's such a practical and wearable color and it looks wonderful in the pattern you chose. Enjoy :)

  8. Speaking of Halloween, the boy informed me he wants to be a mummy and the girl wants to be a witch. At least they're easy this year. lol

    Good luck with your cape!

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