August 12, 2010

Brier Parade 2010

Beau truly hates the parade.
The noisy cars, the fire sirens, the train whistles and especially the pirates!
His favorite way to enjoy the parade would be to just stay home.
His next favorite way is to find a place he can lay down and hide.
Sorry bud - maybe next year we'll stay home.
(pictures are from last year - with 2 humans and 3 dogs we left the camera at home)


  1. What about Lucy and Abby? Maybe next year it can be a fur-girl event?

  2. Aww.. poor Beau.... we think your Mama should just let you stay at home by yourself. :)

    Zeus, Sophie, Tut & Lola

  3. Poor Beau. Thor's not a fan of noises, either. Beau has Thor's sympathy. Who'd think the big guys would be the most bothered by noise?

  4. I can't imagine taking any of my gang to a parade. It's more fun for all of us if I leave them home.

  5. Poor Beau - tell your mama you want to stay home - if it doesn't work, try howling and dragging your feet.

    It won't work for us - too small - but a guy your size ? it's worth a shot !

    Alex & Skippy

  6. Give that big ole boy a kiss for me. I don't like crowds either.


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