August 18, 2010

Bad Bad Wife

I had a beautiful shrimp tray in the fridge - but nothing to serve with it.
So - I started thinking cold salad - I mean it's been hot in Seattle this week.
Channon suggested a Three Bean Salad - but I vetoed that - JB doesn't like 3 Bean Salad.
Then I started thinking Cucumber Salad or maybe Couscous Salad. 
I rememberd JB didn't like either of those.
So - what's a bad wife to do?  Yep - went searching for a recipe that had both cucumbers and couscous!
There you have it a lovely cold Couscous, Tomato & Cucumber Salad.


  1. Bad, bad wife ! LOL

    I don't like beans either, but tomatoes, cukes & couscous definitely :-) The final product looks yummy.

    Did JB try it ?

  2. Well, it looks delish!!! lol :)

  3. Inquiring minds want to know... what did Jaybird eat with HIS shrimp?

  4. We had two couples in on the spur of the moment and I had a shrimp tray on hand. I stuck two loaves of French bread in the oven, the Pillsbury loaves in a can), opened a package of Brie, a bowl of grapes and a bottle of wine.

    Everyone seemed satisfied and I don't think anyone went away hungry.

  5. My mother made a 3 bean salad consisting of canned green, yellow and kidney beans with Italian salad dressing. My dearly beloved nearly tossed his cookies when he saw it the only Thanksgiving we ever went to her house. 3 bean salad is why I've hosted Thanksgiving for 30 years. But I do like the looks of your salad; I hope poor JB was satisfied. With shrimp, how could he not be?

  6. And this is bad how? Here, can I help you hide the evidence?


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