March 21, 2010

What's Bought in Mexico

Stays in Mexico?
Oh right, that's a Vegas commercial.

Look at this pretty little bean pot that I bought in Mexico.

It was a whoppin' 80 pesos. ($6.75).

First you have to "cure" it by boiling it with vinegar water. Look at the design on the lid.

Trust me - I looked at them all and none of the lids matched the pots.

Tonight I made lentils in it.


  1. It's cute, even if the lid doesn't match. At least they're the same color!

  2. Neato! When do we get to see the beans and get a recipe?

  3. I love Mexican pottery and came home with a bunch of it. It makes me happy to look at it.

  4. Very cool... and what an amazing price!

  5. The colors in the lid are at least the same... other than the blue. But they are both very pretty! Nice find!


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