March 17, 2010

This One's For You Miss VDK!

Way back in 2008 we went to visit our friends the VeeDogKniters. Just days before we arrived - Mr. VDK had purchased a new riding lawnmower for his lovely bride. See he was getting ready to be deployed and wanted to make sure she could take care of the "farm" they bought.
She had yet to drive the mower. We laughed about it all day - she was going to put on her apron, fix a martini and go practice. Just long enough for a photo shoot - of course you would never drive your lawn mower while drinking (end of public service announcement). Anyway - she did finally drive the mower - mostly just to get the boys (Mr. VKD and JB) to shut up. But she did it martini - less.


  1. Love it! Is that enough to drag her out of bloggy-hiding? Maybe get her to - gasp - blog a photo or two of her own?

    (I kid because I care... and I hope she does have some equally entertaining photos of you and/or JB!)

  2. Oh, heavens! What fun is a riding mower without the martini and apron?

    Happy St. Patty's Day!

  3. Hey Chan, come to think of it, i DO have a few photos of Miss G that i could dig out! ;o)
    Oh boy...that mower. I have only been on it once since the MR returned home!


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