March 5, 2010

Make Up!

I love these socks! I'll show them up close up and personal soon. I think they deserve a photo shoot with Beauregard James because he was holding the yarn in the original gifting photo. These socks were started back in November 2009 as a mini-knit along with two ravelry friends. We've since added a third. And we all fell off schedule and are now knitting them at our own pace.
On Saturday afternoon (after finishing lacy ruffles) I decided I could pull these out of their project bag - thereby claiming the fabulous sock-it bag for vacation. When I revived these socks I was on row 12 of 40 for the leg, then 22 for the upper leg, and 14 for the ribbing. Sure - I could knit that, and get the laundry done, pack, etc.
So I knit all day Saturday and then on Sunday I knit around the laundry and by the time we went to bed on Sunday I had 7 rows of ribbing left to go! Man was I mad that I couldn't get them finished before the Olympics ended. I tried, but the twisted knits were making my hands cramp. No fun at all. But as you can tell - I sat on the edge of the balcony at the Villa and they got far away shots. I love these socks.


  1. From a distance, they look like the ones you made me. So glad you're having fun! Woo Hoo for warm weather!

  2. Jealous (1000)! lol Glad you're having a good time!

  3. Beautiful socks! And now, they'll have sunny Mexican memories in them too.

  4. Great socks! Mine will be coming back from time out this week. I hope to make some progress, though I'm a bit skeered of that heel. I might need to you walk me through it, so to speak.

    Don't forget to shake the sand out, LOL!

  5. What a great holiday you're having - warmth, good food, good place to stay, great company and knitting success!

  6. Oooh lala! Very lovely pattern, and just your color too. Nice job Mama :)


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