March 20, 2010

It Shall Be Mine.

Thanks Carolyn! For taking the time to respond and send me some fabulous links. And for always encouraging me to just do it!! I had several great comments on the dress that it would be appropriate and there was no reason I couldn't have it. So - I'm totally going for it. In fact, to make sure I get to wear this dress this summer Marjie and I will be working on it together. I decided to go with the Navy eyelet which is closest to the daisy fabric. I have decided I won't line it - but rather will make a few "slips" to wear under it. Looking at the inspiration dress (I need to print the photos and put them in a design notebook) I can't tell if it is lined or if she's wearing a slip. I did notice that the upper bodice showed skin, however so whatever is under is lower than the dress. This also means I'm going to have to perfect all my seam finishing. But I can do this. While I was shopping at Emma One Sock - I also managed to drop a few yards of Liberty of London into my cart. This is why I avoid online shopping 90% of the time. I have no self-control. I have grand idea - but I'm not always good with the follow through. However in the year of Kindness I'm working on this. Doing things that bring joy and renewal first - instead of last. Being nicer to me when things don't always work out (and we know they don't). This weekend the plan is to start the muslin of the Simplicity dress. I'll start with Simplicity's Amazing Fit Pattern 2404 it's a basic sheath dress with princess seams and a raised waist. I'm not sure I love how the pleats release but I'm sure I can figure that out. Thanks everyone for the support and encouragement.


  1. Can't wait to see what you produce. I like the idea of the black fabric. The white is lovely, but for me it comes down to a choice of wearing white or having dogs in my life.

  2. That Liberty print is pretty, and orange looks wonderful on you. I like your Navy eyelet, and am still scoping out my fabric options. I think I'd better study the inspiration dress a whole lot harder.

    Princess seamed dresses are the most flattering, and I think neither of us really need pleats. I'm going to study this some more, and try to get to a wearable muslin (test dress) after son & girlfriend leave tomorrow. We'll keep each other on track!

  3. Love both fabrics. The dress is going to be really pretty. Is Marjie making one too, or are you two getting together to make yours ? Can I come ???

  4. that dress is going to be so cute, and i can definitely see it on you, and marjie! great idea that you will both work on it together!
    by the way, i know i texted you earlier, but that shawl...i LOVE it!!! Have worn it for the last two days in a row, now that it has warmed up to wear i do not need a big coat, but need something...and it is just fabulous, and so gorgeous. Thank you!!!! Now i am REALLY inspired to knit some lace. Only took several years to convince me! ;o)

  5. Love it! Three cheers for Marjie. Can't wait to see both of your creations.

  6. I love both fabrics. Good luck with your "muslining".

    I've been checking out EmmaOneSock for a few years, but have never ordered. Why is it that I can order yarn online, but not fabric? It isn't as if I can actually buy any around here, now that the few fabric stores have closed up shop. I'm interested in hearing of your experiences.


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