March 3, 2010

A Day

When I get up, I make coffee and sit on the deck to drink it and knit.
this is the view I'm watching. Fantastic.
A bit later - JB might run down to the beach and take photos.
and take photos of us hanging on the deck, reading, knitting, and drinking.
We are vacationing with The Pirate, his brand-spankin' new fiancee, and his parents
(who are also our neighbors).

After the sun sets, we either cook dinner or go out

and then the day windsdown with visiting and card games.


  1. The pirate is newly engaged?! Beautiful! What a view...

  2. It's a tough way of life, but I'm glad you're experiencing it. Have enough fun foe all of us.

  3. OMGosh, I am so jealous!!!! Seriously sounds wonderful and I hope you are enjoying it! Bring back the nice weather with you though ok?

  4. gorgeous! i am green with envy as i sit here shivering in the cold

  5. awww, gorgeous!! Glad you are having fun!!!

  6. What a wondeful time your are enjoying together - please tell us about the food too.

    Hope your lovely hounds are holidaying too with their holiday keeper.


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