March 15, 2010


Don't know why just antsy and restless tonight. One day while we were on vacation - everyone decided that they wanted to go zip line-ing - well everyone but me - I ain't doing that. Go ahead and squawk at me - it's all good. But I didn't want to be left home alone either. So we negotiated a discounted rate and I went along for the tamer ride. Here is JB getting into his harness. He said the experience was incredible and he'd do it again in a minute. This is why vacationing with friends is good - he's long wanted to do this, but I have absolutely no desire and he wouldn't go by himself.
I was able to go up to the first jumping off point - I had to wear a helmet, but mostly that was just for the bouncy military truck ride. I watched our group jump and then rode back down the rutted dirt track in the military vehicle. That was enough excitement for me.
And in case you ever had any doubts - here's proof that there really is no place I won't knit. I finished 3 pairs of socks while were on vacation. Now to wait for cold weather to wear them.


  1. Holidays are wonderful, but there is little so pleasant as snuggling down and sleeping in your own bed again.

    I'm sure the hounds are super happy that their most important humans are back.

    Sending care and huggles to you all - Humans and Hounds,

    Michelle and Zebbycat down in NZ

  2. I'd probably do zip-lining, but bungee jumping is where I draw my line. ::shudder::

    Glad you were able to go along and take pictures and watch the daredevils. :-)

  3. So I guess you wouldn't ride on a zip line I set up myself, huh? ;) I loved rope courses!

  4. I'm with you. I'd rather knit.

  5. I have no fear of heights, and have been known to do such things as stand on my roof, hang out attic windows to paint dormers, etc. i just don't know that I want to be tied into a harness and shoved down a rope. And how would that work out with a skirt on, anyway?

  6. You are the only person I know that would say "Now to wait for cold weather"!!! Crazy lady... zip lining is on my list of things to do, glad Mr. Jay got to do it, and you didn't have to.

  7. Glad you're back and had a good time !

    Sitting in the safety of my living room, I'd like to try zip-lining - standing at the top of the line getting ready to jump, maybe not ? LOL


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