January 24, 2010

What You've All Been Waiting For

an update on our Old Man.
He's doing great. He had 4 teeth pulled but he handled being put out just fine. In fact - he came out of it so well that the vet's office was anxious for him to go home so it would be quiet again. He does not like being kept in a crate.
He's already taking Lucy on for squeaky toys - which is quite funny to see as she could totally take it from him, but won't. He walks around grumbling with the toy and she follows and tries to get somebody to take it from him so he can have it back.
We've been giving him the prescribed narcotics at the low end of the prescription. He's such a stoic man that it's hard to know if he's in pain or not. We were joking yesterday that since he doesn't need any stinkin narcotics he was headed out to the street to sell them. Good thing he doesn't have pockets - huh Thor?
Thanks for the all well wishes, support and understanding - it means a lot.


  1. What a darling boy, and good Lucy to share her toys with the sick kid.

  2. Glad Dudley is doing so well! Aren't they great. They don't know they are sick and never feel sorry for themselves!
    I'm sure this makes Mom feel better too.

  3. So glad he is doing so well!

  4. Yippee! I worried about him all weekend! I'm so glad to hear he's all better now.

  5. Dudley, you tough old codger! Glad to hear that you're full of piss and vinegar again. I bet Mom is relieved too! :)

  6. That is so great to hear! Give him a smooch from me. :)

  7. So glad to hear he's doing well. :-) I was really worried about him.

  8. yay dudders!!
    nice to come and see this good report, g. because i know if he's doing better, so are you.


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