January 20, 2010

Still Plugging Away

I want more of a pencil skirt - not necessarily pegged at the hem, but something that falls straighter from the hips than the skirts I normally wear. I loved the Burda skirt that was making the rounds this fall - I've left all the information in the studio - but it has a cute button flap in the front. So - learning from Carolyn I am working a skirt pattern that fits through the waist and hips. This time - I laid my pattern pieces over the burda pieces and figured out where to take straighten. I put it together quickly with some leftover denim. It's quite straight and I like it. I will stay that it's about 4" too big at the back waist. I asked JB - if I was trying this skirt on in store - would you say buy it or put it back. He said "Yea." So - I'm asking you - gentle readers - what say you - buy it or put it back? Also where should I hem it? I think it might be just a tad too long. I did putz around the living room in for a bit, sitting, standing, walking - all were comfortable. The side seams actually hang straight and I think I finally got what I was hoping for - just not sure its a good look for me. Looking for honest advice here.


  1. Oooh, I REALLY like that skirt! The color and shape are lovely!

    My personal choice in pencil skirt length is that when standing, I should be able to see the bottom of my kneecap, or at least the place near my knee where my leg starts to thin out; anything that ends at the top of my calves is BAD, because they make me look like I have Little Lulu peg-legs.

    This is a problem you clearly do not suffer from, so I'm not sure what to say, other than "Pretty skirt, yay you!"

  2. Glad you asked. I was about to tell you, yesterday, that perhaps you should hem your skirts a bit shorter to show the shape of your legs more. If you go just at the center or top of knee cap you show the shape of the calf where it meets the leg, giving a more shapely look to the legs. Also, that length is timeless, not trendy.
    That's from my alterations lady who knows everything as far as I'm concerned.

  3. I don't hem so I wear skirts however they fall, but I can tell you about "back gap." If the skirt "rides" comfortably and doesn't spin like a top around your hips, leave it. But my back is accustomed to nothing touching it (thanks, sway back!) and you know I know zilch about sewing...

  4. I seldom wear skirts anymore and when I do I like them long, like ankle length. I go more for comfort than fashion these days.

    I think it's good on you and length depends a lot on what you'll be doing in it. In an office you don't want anything too short that makes sitting and bending uncomfortable

  5. Once you take the extra fabric out of the waist, and isn't that a nice problem to have (better than too tight!), it will be a good look. I bear in mind what my dearly beloved said, and he is a skirt chaser of the highest order: "No matter how tall or how short, no matter how skinny or not, no woman should wear a skirt that falls below the knee, because it makes her look stumpy." So, have it graze the top of your knee, and I think it will be exactly what you wanted! I really like this blue color, too.

  6. I vote for just above the knee cap. But you need to alter that back waist so it fits. (My bias is showing!) Otherwise, I'd tell you not to buy.

    Have you considered making a basic skirt pattern, fitting a muslin and then using the corrected pattern to make the skirt you really want? I can help.

  7. I say dittto to fixing the back waist (easy) and also to the just at the top of the knee cap length. That's where I like mine too.

  8. Your usual length around your knees looks most attractive, imo. The fit is good, just stay with your regular length.


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