January 18, 2010

Second Skirt - Same as the First

Back in December, I showed you the first variation on Simplicity 5914. I love this skirt and have several versions. Until recently it's always fit me well - now it gaps at the back.
For this version - I laid the center front and the side front next to each other on the seam lines and traced the pieces as one. I did however - trace a front with the protruding abdomen alteration as well as a separate back with a sway back adjustment. I did not however, take big enough darts in the back.
I put an invisible zipper in the side seam and used facings.
The skirt was a bit boring and brown, so I added three rows of tucks around the hem. To do this - I pressed the (already hemmed) skirt up 5" all around and then used a foot with a side rudder and stitched 1/4" from the fold just made. Then I pressed up 4" from the bottom and finally 3". It's an interesting addition that rather reminds me of adding "growth" tucks into a garment for a child.
Last - see me new Danskos? I realize they aren't the most fashionable shoes to be wearing with a skirt - but my hip and knee have been bothering me again and I can wear these shoes all day without any pain. And they are a bit dressier than my red dansko clogs.
So - my sewing friends - what do you think? Was I able to make it work?


  1. Cute shoes, and I want to know more about the basset on the wall in the second photo.

  2. Hey I really like the addition of the three tucks at the bottom of the skirt! Don't be surprised if I steal your idea!!!

  3. It looks good and I like the decorative tucks, a simple way to spice it up without adding a lot of fussy stuff or introducing another color to confuse things.

    It looks like you're getting back into sewing stride. I started knitting a lapghan last nigh, on;y got three rows done before I went to bed.

  4. I like it! Brown is a good color on you. And given some of the shoes I see on people who claim to be well dressed, I'd say your Danskos look just fine. After all, you have to walk at the beginning and end of the day, so sparkly pumps probably aren't the best choice for that activity!

  5. It looks good! Basic skirts are always welcome in any wardrobe, but they can get boring without some kind of creative detail. Well done!

  6. I like the tucks ! Like Carolyn, I may copy 'em too ;-)

  7. I like the skirt, I'm envious of your sewing abilities. :)

  8. Lovely... like Anita, I'm envious!


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