January 25, 2010

Pumpkin French Toast

Last weekend I was reading a trashy romance novel and the main character owned a "greasy spoon." One of her breakfast specialties was Pumpkin French Toast - of course she just happened to mention that she made it with pumpkin bread. Before I had even read that - my mouth was watering. Then I started thinking that I had a box of pumpkin bread mix in the pantry and there was no reason I couldn't have Pumpkin French Toast. So Friday night while I was cooking dinner - I made a loaf of pumpkin bread. Then Saturday morning - I made french toast with pumpkin bread. Irish Girlie Knits has an easy recipe here. I started with a flat shallow bowl, eggs, vanilla, milk, cinnamon & nutmeg - although it occurs to me that this would be the perfect time to use pumpkin pie spice. Mix up the eggs, milk, vanilla and spices. Slice your bread about 1/2" thick and let soak in the egg mixture. Meanwhile heat your skillet or griddle. Cook the soaked pumpkin bread over med-low heat (I like to make sure my egg mixture is really cooked) until golden brown turning once. Serve while warm with real maple syrup that conned out of Mr VeeDogKnits by asking if got the email asking for more maple syrup! This was very yummy.


  1. I want some. Just as soon as the Knight has taste buds again...

  2. Ooohhh! Sounds yummy! I love pumpkin bread, too!

  3. Yum! I'm so making pumpkin bread this weekend. These look wonderful.

  4. That looks & sounds sooooo yummy!


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