January 8, 2010


I seem to always be running behind these days - I mean seriously - Christmas was almost 2 weeks ago and the box from Sue arrived a week or so before Christmas. But in the interests of being kind - I will say that I let her know the box arrived and also that we have a "policy" in our household that if wrapped gifts arrive at Christmas you have to wait until the day to open them. So once I saw they were wrapped - under the tree they went. First up that beautiful bloodhound sandicast frame. I haven't found the perfect picture yet - my gut says to just put my boy in it, but I'll prolly get a good photo of all 4 to put in it. In the tissue next to the frame? My payment for being President of Fudge's Fan Club - yep - squeakers. Lucy was very upset that there was squeaking, but no new toy for her. I'll get right on that dear girl. Also in Sue's box - a lovely heart box with a bloodhound on the lid. I love it. I still don't know where it will live to be safe from the "Tail of Death" but it will find a safe home where I can see it often. Inside the box - this fabulous dog themed charm bracelet. I have always wanted a charm bracelet and now I have one that's near and dear to my hear. I think I might go get the dogs tags (my dogs don't wear collars so we don't have tags) to add to it - small ones but with their names. There was also an absolutely charming bloodhound pin. I don't know how Sue knew - but I collect dog pins, I now have 3 bloodhounds and several of the Disney dogs - including Lady and Trusty (from Lady & the Tramp, remember his sniffer was broke). Last week I got a great box from VeeDogKnits - I'd link to her blog but she hasn't updated since October. We love and miss you VDK!! Anyway - she says it's a birthday box and not a Christmas box. (We have a history of sending out our packages late - she got last year's holiday box in February!) Anyway - she sent me a fabulous Starbucks travel mug for my commute - it's red to match my bag. She also included some of Starbucks instant coffee (just in case the people in my office can't make a decent cup). but the best part of the box - this lovely little kitchen angel. She's adorable. I love how rustic they are. She's holding a teapot and I've put her onto of my fridge where she can watch over the food I prepare for friends who come to visit. As I told VDK - JB does the cooking for company so if I'm making your food you'll be glad to have an angel watching over the preparations! Happy Friday everyone - what's your weekend have in store?


  1. What lovely, thoughtful gifts! Those Willow Tree angels are very popular. I'm sure she'll do a great job of keeping watch over your kitchen!

  2. Those are nice presents. I nominate last Christmas' picture of all the humans and dogs for your new frame, even though it's doubtless got several other homes. Or maybe the picture of all 4 on the deck in blue bandanas for Sue's dogs in blue day last year?

  3. I love the Willow Tree figurines. I collect the family series. :-) Those are all fabulous gifts.

  4. I'm so glad you liked your loot. I didn't put a picture in the frame because I didn't know whether a single of Beau or a group shot would be better. Now you have to decide.

  5. Great gifties... Sue is so thoughtful & creative!

    I collect Willow Tree angels - aren't they great?


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