January 10, 2010

Permission Granted

For what it's worth - the photos in this post have absolutely nothing to do with the content. I just figured I'd share a few more photos from the gingerbread houses. This was from A Charlie Brown Christmas. The main house was Snoopy's dog house and the I wish I could have gotten a photo of the ceiling - it was popcorn. Awesome. Had JB gone with me - he totally would have laid down on the floor to get a photo of the ceiling - next year I'll drag him along. So - what does the title mean? I have a bit of a problem going on in my life. See - JB is a night owl and I'm a morning person. Not really that big of a deal. However - most weekend mornings, after having breakfast we walk the big dogs. I am generally up in the mornings with the dogs - even on the weekends, so that means between 7-8 sometime. JB however doesn't usually drag his happy hind end out of bed and down stairs until closer to 11! (Can you even imagine sleeping that late?) So you say - what's that go to do with the price of tea in China? Well - I get up, feed the dogs and the sit and wait, and wait, and wait and generally get irritated that I haven't done anything for hours! So - after talking with Sue - I'm granting myself permission to dray my happy hind end into the studio while I am waiting for him. He'll find me - either when he's hungry or when he's made me breakfast - works both ways in my house. And then the weekend can continue. You might ask what's been stopping me from going down to the studio and getting something started? Well - I hate the idea of getting involved in a project and then getting interrupted. And usually - the laptop. It's such a time suck - between reading blogs (which I love) and checking Ravelry - sometimes the morning is gone and it's all my own fault - but usually not.


  1. Good for Sue - and you! As I think you know, we have the same problem in our house, but I am generally content to sit and knit, spin, read, play online, etc. When I do have something I really want to get done, I do get frustrated, because I don't want to wake the Knight, and generally what I want to do is noisy!

  2. I like keeping my happy hind end in bed until 11 or even noon on weekends. Thankfully, so does my beloved. So, go sew! You'll feel better, because you won't have wasted time, and you'll get stuff done. I hear your one yard project book calling your name.

  3. Oh, enjoy your time ! DH used to stay up all hours and sleep late & I loved having this 'me' time to do whatever I wanted. Now, he's up with me most of the time and those hours are few and far between.


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