January 27, 2010

Packages on the Porch - Part 2

The nearest LYS near The Princess is going out of business. The little darling gave me a call last week and asked if I *needed* any yarn. Well need is relative, right? Discount yarn - why not? So, she was shopping for herself and decided to pick up a few little gems for me too. First up is the Artyarns Merino Sock yarn. It's the lovely red/green in the first photo. the orange - koigu!I love koigu and the orange is fabulous. I have a pattern in mind. But there are many, many other yarns in front of them to be knit - unless I can't wait.


  1. OMG! an LYS Going Out Of Business sale!! The sale part sounds like great fun! Who doesn't need more yarn....especially if it's on sale? Sad that the LYS must go out of business though. ;-(
    Love the orange Koigu! I'm a Koigu virgin. No stores here sell it. There's a shawl that uses various coordinated Koigu colors but I fear trying to order it over the net.
    Lucky you with your new fibers.
    GMarie, you DO know you created a monster don't you? :-)

  2. Of course you needed it! Discount yarn is even better yarn than regular yarn! If she finds a fabric store going out of business sale, I'm fairly certain she'll find things you need there, too. At our age, "need" is relative. These look like a great need!

    PS: Your Fudge's Fan club button always makes me laugh. He looks so goofy in that picture!

  3. Good daughter! I hope mine is that well trained when she gets older. lol

  4. She is a good gal, and clearly, knows what Mama likes!

  5. That orange yarn is luscious. Everyone needs sale yarn.

  6. Of course we all NEED new yarn! That was a silly question. :P
    Such great goodies, love the colors.

  7. Lovely yarn! Sweet daughter! Sigh. My boys would never think of that.


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